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Composition Commission Questionnaire

1) Performer/ensemble name: __________________________

2) Instrumentation/voice part: ____________________

3) Email address and URL to website or performance video: _______________________

4) Desired length of piece, if you have a preference: _________________________

5) Timeline or deadline: __________________

6) Types of venues/events artist normally performs or intends to perform in: __________________________________________________________________________

7) Do you have any particulars in mind for the piece? (i.e. mood, vibe, elements you like from other works of mine? If not, simply write N/A.)


8) If you are commissioning an instrumental piece


8) Are there any techniques you would rather avoid? (Perhaps something that doesn’t showcase your talents as much as other things do? A wolf on your instrument, break in your range, your hands don’t reach 10ths, you have a new injury that makes spiccato difficult, etc?)


9) Are you interested in funding this work yourself or are you looking to create a consortium or co-commission with a partner? If so, which other partners/ensembles do you have in mind?


I look forward to bringing our new piece into the world!