Employment History

Broadway Technology

Deployment Engineering Senior Consultant (August 2018 - present)

The Deployment Engineering team is responsible for making deployments of Broadway’s trading software fast, easily repeatable, and observable. My engineering efforts are focused on enabling client feature customization without becoming too fragile and difficult to deploy.

tech stack: Python, Private Infrastructure (NY4 Data Center), Bash, PowerShell, general networking and profiling

IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

Advisory Software Engineer (October 2015 - August 2018)
Tech lead for Client Experience Center visualization team with duties covering development, server infrastructure management, software tech stack definition, and the release and operations strategy. Also served as lead developer on custom machine learning implementations including Bayesian classifier with adaboost weighting and image distance and clustering calculations for MET art collection. tech stack: Bash, C++, Python, Private and Cloud Infrastructure, General Linux, CI and Ops Tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Docker

Staff Software Engineer (August 2014 - October 2015)
Served as tech lead of Watson Prototypes. Led development, tech stack definition, and the release/operations strategy for client web application prototypes utilizing IBM Watson APIs. tech stack: Javascript, Python, Bash


Senior Software Engineer (June 2013 – November 2013)
Primary tools engineer on FarmVille. Major contributor to the Content Management System used by the entire studio to release new items into the game. tech stack: Javascript, Python, PHP, Bash, Private Infrastructure

Software Engineer (June 2011 – June 2013)

Feature developer on FarmVille. Primary developer of major features including Expansion Farms, the Facebook Request 2.0 implementation, and the DinoLab - my hackathon project turned profitable and often reused staple feature. tech stack: Flash, Python, PHP, Bash, AWS

Projects A search and recommendation SaaS that learns user preferences and offers improved product suggestions over time, service is live with two clients. - - tech stack: NodeJS, Python, LightFM, GCP

Bitkin Live: Retro platformer A.I. sandbox - - tech stack: Java, Python, OpenGL ES, GCP

Agonoid II: A 3D space sim with A.I. battle mode - - tech stack: WebGL


University of Texas at Austin (May 2011)

B.S. in Mathematics, Area: Scientific Computation and B. A. in English