AIS Professional Goal Setting: Pk-12 Positions

Pk12 Role: Instructional Coach - Technology Integration

Assessor: Dave Botbyl, Superintendent

Goal (be specific, realistic, tangible)

Positively promote AIS to the school and global community via social media in order to impact stakeholder perceptions (potential staff, students & parents; current staff, students & parents; etc.).

Measureable - Indicators of Success (How will I know my goal has been achieved?)

  • Number of followers & interactions increases
  • Community (local & global) interest in AIS increases
  • More potential staff & students note
  • the existence of social media accounts
  • All AISQ8 school-wide social media accounts follow the published policy/procedures
  • Potential staff mention our web presence

Attainable - Action Steps (How will I progress towards my goal?)

  • Manage & monitor accounts:
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • #AISQ8 & other hashtags
  • #AISQ8chat
  • Share original content, retweet content
  • Inspire the creation of an official Facebook page for AIS
  • Inspire the updating of the AIS Wikipedia page
  • Links to official accounts on AIS website
  • Info email to school community
  • Educate school community (Parent teas, assemblies, etc.)
  • Engage Board of Owners
  • Families opt out of pictures/videos
  • Create a Learning with Technology Policy (informed by Learning with Technology Standards)
  • Create Learning with Technology Procedures (guidelines) that inform how stakeholders share via social media

Connection to AIS Guiding Documents (Mission/Beliefs/Profile of the Graduates)

  • Contributing world citizens (mission)
  • Inquirers, Communicators, Open-minded, Reflective (Profile of the Graduates)
  • Communication, Social (ATL & Transdisciplinary skills)

Evidence (What evidence will I collect to demonstrate my progress?)

  • Storify
  • Newsfeeds
  • Number of followers
  • Interactions with community
  • Developed Policy & Procedures
  • Recruiting data (how did they hear about AIS?)

Support (Who will support me in achieving my goal? How will they assist me? Who is my coach?)

  • Superintendent
  • Director & Board of Owners
  • Human Resources
  • AIS Staff