Fire! Fire! Silver

By Paul Reader  et al

I am learning to understand information by interpreting graphic features of text eg photos, maps, diagrams, speech bubbles and text boxes.

  • I can identify photos and can explain the purpose of a photo caption
  • I can use maps to find information and can talk about the features of maps such as title, key, compass direction
  • I can read a diagram to locate information
  • I understand the purpose of speech bubbles and can read them confidently
  • I am able to connect  both text and graphic features to understand a text

Highlight the features of the of non-fiction text that are found in this book.


Photographs                                                        Text Boxes


Titles                                                                   Subtitles


Maps                                                                   Index


Contents                                                            Glossary’


Captions                                                            Fact Boxes

Choose one of these features in the book, and explain how it has been used, what information it provides.


Complete this features of a non-fiction text activity.

Choose one of the 4 stories in the book and complete this Super Six Facts