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8 minute abs
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8 Minute Abs

  1. Regular Crunches

  1. L-Downs – Back completely flat on the ground, looking straight up, with legs raised in the air.  Ankles crossed and knees slightly bent.  Motion: Move legs towards the ground without letting the heels touch the ground, and then bring back up.

  1. Side Crunches: Lay on right side with right arm spread straight out in front of you.  Knees together and flat on the ground, with legs slightly bent.  Left hand should be behind the head.  Motion: Crunches with trying to touch left elbow to your hips.

  1. Side Crunches: Switch sides

  1. Reach-Ups: Lay completely flat on your back, knees bent.  Make a triangle with thumbs and index fingers, placing the triangle on chest, elbows bent out to the side.  Motion: Reach up and look straight up, keeping lower back on the ground, trying to bring elbows together.

  1. Reach Betweens: Same position as Reach-ups.  Motion: Reach between legs and look between them, try finding a fixed point to look at each time you go up.

  1. Side-to-Sides (Russian Twists): Sit up with knees bent, and leaning back slightly.  Look straight ahead, again trying to find a fixed point to stare at. Motion: With hands together try placing palms on the ground, moving from side to side

  1. Heel Touches (Acorns): Lay on back, keeping shoulder blades off the ground.  Look straight up.  Motion: Attempt to touch left hand to right ankle and right hand to left angle, swiveling on lower back.

  1. L-Overs: Lay completely flat on your back, looking straight up.  Lift legs up, and bend to 90 degree angle at the knees, making an L with your legs.  Cross legs at the ankles.  Motion: Swing legs back and forth to the ground, without letting the knees touch the ground.  Attempt to keep back on the ground as much as possible.TrainwithMarc logo.jpeg

  1. Minute of Pain!  Flutters Remain on your back looking straight up, and place legs straight out, dorsiflexing the foot.  Motion: Kick legs up and down without letting your heels touch the ground.

  1. Scissors: Same position as flutters.  Motion: Swing legs back and forth, switching which legs is underneath each time they come together.

  1. Regular Crunches

  1. Reach-Ups

  1. Reach Betweens

  1. Indian-Style Reach Ups: Lay completely flat on your back with legs together at the soles of your feet.  Motion: Same as regular reach-ups.

  1. Accordions: Lay completely flat on the ground with arms above your head & heels 6 inches off the ground.  Motion: Bring knees & elbows together at the abdomen, then uncurl without letting heels touch the ground.