GUWI 2017: Schedule of Events

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Day 0: 15/06/2017

Pre-conference workshop (Room No 21, VMCC)


Registration || High Tea @ VMCC Ground Floor Foyer


Basics of Thermo-mechanical simulation by Prof. Asim Tewari, IIT Bombay


Advance system control by Mr. David Jacon, Dynamic Systems Inc, USA


Visit to Gleeble lab headed by Dr. S. L. Kamath, IIT Bombay & Mr. David Jacon  ||  Discussion with Dr. Brian Allen, Dynamic Systems Inc at VMCC


Lunch at Ground Floor Foyer@VMCC


Visit to Gleeble lab headed by Dr. S. L. Kamath, IIT Bombay & Mr. David Jacon  ||  Discussion with Dr. Brian Allen, Dynamic Systems Inc at VMCC


High Tea at VMCC || Discussion with Dr. Brian Allen & Mr. David Jacon

Day 1: 16/06/2017

Main Auditorium, Ground Floor, VMCC


Registration ||  High Tea @ VMCC Ground Floor Foyer


GUWI 2017 Inauguration by Dr. G. K. Dey, Director Materials Group, BARC

Introductory speech by-

Prof. P. V. Balaji, Dean R&D, IIT Bombay

Prof. Suhas Joshi, HoD, Mechanical, IIT Bombay 

Dr. Brian Allen, CTO & Chief Metallurgist, Dynamic Systems Inc


Inaugural address by Dr. G. K. Dey, Director Materials Group, BARC


Keynote Lecture by Dr. Brian Allen, Dynamic Systems Inc

Physical Simulation for the Development of Automotive Steels


Tea Break


Prof. Asim Tewari, IIT Bombay

Physical and numerical simulations of microstructural evolution during hot deformation


Dr. Vinod Kumar, SAIL Ranchi

Thermomechanical Simulation in Materials Research: An Overview


Lunch Break

Day 1: 16/06/2017



Prof. S. B. Singh, IIT Kharagpur

Evolution of Microstructure in Some High Strength Steels


Dr. B P Gautham, TATA Research Development and Design Center Pune

Deformation Modeling in ICME Perspective


Prof. D. Chakrabarty, IIT Kharagpur

Gleeble@3500 simulation study on the evolution of microstructure and precipitation during hot deformation of Nb-microalloyed ferritic and martensitic steels


Dr. Chiradeep Ghosh, TATA Steel Ltd.

Retained Austenite through Non-isothermal Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) Process


Tea Break


Ms. Renu Gupta, Larsen & Toubro Limited

Fabrication of Maraging Steel Rocket Motor Casings


Dr. Vaibhaw Kumar, Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad

Implementation of Physical Simulation In Extrusion For Development of Nuclear Materials


Mr. Alpesh Patel, Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar

Tensile Testing of Materials at Elevated Temperatures using Small Size Specimens


Dr. K. P. Singh, Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar

Study on the joining technique for ITER like Divertor Target Applications using Gleeble System


Mr. Ashish Dawari, Bharat Forge Ltd.
Investigation of Adiabatic Temperature Rise During High Strain Rate Deformation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

Banquet dinner@ Hotel Mini-Punjab, Lake Side, Powai

Day 2: 17/06/2017

Room No. 21 VMCC


High Tea


Dr. B. Basu, NMRL, India

Physical simulation of heat affected zone of high strength structural steel


Dr. R. K. Singh, KCTI – Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune

The softening behavior of Ti6Al4V alloy – Experimental and Modeling


Dr. Rajiv Kapoor, BARC Mumbai

Strain interrupted tests to study the evolution of dynamic recrystallization in Nb-1Zr-0.1C, Nb-1Zr and pure Zr


Dr. Vivek Pancholi, IIT Roorkee

Hot deformation studies of Zr alloys to understand deformation behavior in two-phase region




 VMCC, Room #21

VMCC, Room  #22


Mr. Sushil Giri, TATA Steel Ltd.

Gleeble 3800 in TATA steel: Tool for technology advancement and commercial benefit

Dr. Atul Kumar, DMRL Hyderabad

Development of CCT diagram and Determination of TNR for a Cu-bearing HSLA steel


Dr. Apu Sarkar, BARC Mumbai

Determination of optimum hot working condition of Zr-1Nb alloy

Dr. Gadadhar Sahoo, R & D Center of Iron and Steel, SAIL

Effect of Silicon on Hot tensile Strength and Ductility of High P containing Low Alloy Steel


Mr. A. P. Murugesan, NML Jamshedpur

Effect of hot deformation schedule on microstructure and DRX of Mo added microalloyed steel

Mr. Pranav Kumar Tripathi, JSW Steel Ltd.

Thermo-mechanical Simulation of Continuous Annealing Process for Dual Phase Steel


Mr. Ravi Ranjan, LPSC Trivandrum

High Temperature Tensile Properties of Superalloys used in Liquid Rocket Engines under Rapid Heating Conditions

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Saxena, GLA University, Mathura

Analysis Of Constitutive Equation Using Fem Simulation Of Zr-1nb Alloy


Lunch at VMCC

Day 2: 17/06/2017

 VMCC, Session #1

VMCC, Session #2


Prof. P. P. Date, IIT Bombay

Thermo mechanical processing for material development

Dr. Rajesh Khatirkar, VNIT Nagpur

Microstructural developments in ultra low carbon steel and duplex stainless steel during high temperature deformation


Mr. A. N. Behera, BARC Mumbai

Kinetics of dynamic recrystallization of Nb-1Zr and Nb-1Zr-0.1C alloy

Mr. Rahul M R, IIT Madras

Experimental and FEM simulation of hot deformation behavior of multicomponent Fe-Co-Ni-Cr-Al eutectic high entropy alloys


Mr. Srimanta Sam, JSW Steel, Dolvi

Optimization of process parameters of Microalloyed steel in CSP by Thermomechanical simulation

Mr. Aditya Sarkar, IIT Bombay

Development of constitutive relationship for hot deformation behavior of Cu-Cr-Zr-Ti alloy


Mr. Binsu Babu, Pillai College of Engineering

Application of Thermomechanical Simulator and Finite Element Methods to Study Hot Deformation Behavior of Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Mr. Suresh Sonkar, IIT Roorkee

High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Ti-5Al -2.5Sn


Mr. Kanhu C Nayak, IIT Bombay

Influence of hot rolling temperature and intermediate reduction pass on flow properties of Al-SiC composite

Mr. Deepak Kundalkar, IIT Bombay

Effect of friction on the hot deformation characteristics during uniaxial compression testing


Mr. N Deepan, IIT Bombay

Physical simulation of Hot rolling

Mr. A. Durga Prasad, IIT Bombay

Defining A Relationship between Pearlite Morphology and Ferrite Crystallographic Orientation


Ms. Deepa,  RDCIS SAIL
Effect of Mo and Cr addition on hardenability of press hardened steels

Mr. S. K, Shukla ,  RDCIS SAIL
Studies on phase transformation kinetics and microstructure evolution in a medium carbon  nano-structured bainitic steel during isothermal annealing treatment in Gleeble

04:30PM Onwards

High Tea, Discussion