Henry Glenn Jr Cleaning/Maintenance

Sample Vacation Home Cleaning Checklist

General Preparation:

*Take before pictures to send to client

In order of most time efficiency:

  1. Strip all beds -  check mattress pads for staining or ripping
  2. If stained, spray remover and let stand
  3. Linen- check each piece for staining, again if stained, spray and let stand  – note and photograph if replacement required.
  4. Include the pillow protectors.
  5. Wash shower curtains.
  6. Use Duvets on the comforters, easy to wash and remove and replace once washed.  
  7. Wash all linens and towels after checked for stains.  
  8. Use a dryer sheet for fragrance and to stop electric cohesion of the sheets
  9. If any of the sheets or linen are stained or ruined, pls take a pic.and note in notebook of date and item.
  10. Example_   April 1 cleaning –2 white bath towels stained, not able to clean.
  11. Clean means perfectly white
  12. Our process is: one on the bed, one in the wash and one in the closet. 

Meaning, as soon as the beds are stripped, make them up with fresh sheets so we rotate evenly.  

  1. There should be three sets available at all times
  2. Key is to have three available – all white and fresh smelling.
  3. Additional sets in inventory


Start at the front door:

Sweep the tile and polish glass table/mirror, check light at front entrance, check inventory

First bedroom- vacuum and check the carpets for staining, clear out drawers, dust dresser, lamps, miniblinds, bed headboard, fan, polish the art work and run a clean over the doorknobs and light switches as well as the side tables.  Check the TV for working, fan and lights, check to see remote is available.  Quick clean of the doors and baseboards.

Does the room smell clean and is it tidy?  All electrical working? Bed made inviting? Pillows fluffed and in order?

Move onto Kitchen:

Kitchen Preparation:

Living Room and Patio:

Hall Way / Stairs

Laundry Area:



Master: ironing board/iron/laundry basket/blanket

Children: Pack n’ Play/stroller/high chair/box of toys/box of linens for crib/hangars/blanket

Queen: blanket/night stand/plunger/hangars/vacuum/sofa bed sheets –pillow-bla

Floors and Overall Presentation:

Guest Basket

Place on counter next to sink


Does the house smell fresh and clean

Windows polished

Beds made to perfection

All bath have toilet rolls (2) and strip on toilet

All baths have soap/shampoo etc

Hair dryers under 2 bath sinks

Closets are stocked

All appliances are polished

Guest basket is refreshed

Guest book available

Front porch swept

*Take after pictures to send to client

Contact client once cleaning is complete via text or email