JineiI need more blood. That is my path.To fight on the razor's edge of death is the best killing.

Name: Jinei Udo

Nicknames: Kurogasa

Age: 30

Weapons and Attacks: Katana, Shin no Ippou

Love Interests: None

Closest Friends: None

Enemies: Hitokiri Battousai

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: During the Revolution, Jinei initially was in the Shinsengumi, but after killing some of his comrades, he disappeared for a while, then reemerged as an assassin for the Ishin Shishi. He never crossed paths with Battousai, but they heard of each other through word of mouth. After the Revolution, Jinei started assassinating government officials. He used his Shin no Ippou attack, which froze people in place unless their will was strong enough to break it. He then slashed them with his katana.

Jinei decided he wanted to fight Hitokiri Battousai for a real challenge. He kidnapped Kaoru to piss Kenshin off and bring out the assassin latent in his heart. To add fuel to the fire, he put an extra strong Shin no Ippou on Kaoru to asphyxiate her. Kenshin was consumed by rage and reverted back to Battousai as he and Jinei fought.

Personality Profile: Um, complete psycho. Laughs like a maniac when killing people. That about says it all.

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