Textbelt Terms of Service


Last modified: 2017-04-30

Email: support@textbelt.com

Phone: +1 (650) 332-4607

Recipients must opt-in.  The recipients of your texts must have opted into receiving your messages.  Textbelt is not for bulk advertising or spam.  Textbelt reserves sole discretion to identify cases of spammy advertising.

No illegitimate use.  Any messages that break the law in the United States, including messages promoting scams, phishing, or fraud, are prohibited.  Repeated harassment and unwelcome texts are also prohibited.  Textbelt reserves sole discretion to identify these cases of illegitimate use.

Sending URLs.  Sending text messages containing URLs requires whitelist permissions.  We may not whitelist your domain if it matches patterns of phishing or other abuse.

Your IP address.  We block IPs that exhibit patterns of abusive behavior.  This especially applies to IPs associated with Tor and other anonymizing services.

Impact on your purchase.  Violating these terms of services voids the 30-day refund guarantee.