4. 2022 Invention and New Product Development

New Product Development is expensive. Full-service firms with large staff’s rely on projects that cost $10’s and $100’s of thousands of dollars. I work on projects with budgets as low as several thousand dollars.

Product Development Path:

We start each project with a Product Design Specification (PDS) phase. This let’s me get my feet wet, understand your product, and the requirements we will design against, and provide you with some budget targets and milestones.

With that in place, we’ll work in minimum time blocks of 10 hours, paid for in advance as a retainer. I will bill against that retainer (and provide you with detailed invoices of how the time was spent). Projects typically move as fast as you are able to fund their progress.

Virtual Prototype Path: For inventors or new startups that require visualizations for presentation, marketing, or business development purposes. The flat rate shown is what I try scope projects against. Your specific project may vary based on complexity and your needs.

Engineering and Product Development

Product Design Specification Stage


10 Hour Development Blocks


Virtual Prototype and Visualization Package

Typical Package


Product Design Specification Phase

3D Concept Development and Refinement

Product Visualization Package: Presentation Image Set - Rendered Image Set - 360 Spin Animation