2017-18 Event Coordination - Colloquium, Faculty Search/Job Talks, Anderson Distinguished Lecture

Instructions & Templates (page 1) and Contacts (page 2)

Instructions & Templates

If you require access to the below templates, please contact Tiffany Swiderski - tswiderski@ucsd.edu.  Access will be granted via your UCSD Active Directory account, which will tie into the Social Sciences & Humanities Google Apps for Education domain.


Colloquium Chair (folder)

  1. Overview & Instructions
  2. Annual Email to Faculty (template)
  3. Speaker Approval Email (template)

Faculty Hosts (folder)

  1. Overview & Instructions
  2. Email Invitations to Speakers (templates)
  1. template for Colloquium
  2. template for Job Talks
  3. template for Anderson Lecture
  1. Email Confirmation to Speakers (template)
  2. Candidate Announcement/Job Talk Schedule (template) (Job Talks Only)

Colloquium Representatives & Faculty Recruitment Representatives (Graduate Officers) (folder)

  1. Overview & Instructions
  2. Email Invitations to Grads for Meals (templates)
  1. template for Colloquium lunch
  2. template for Job Talk breakfast
  3. template for Anderson Lecture breakfast workshop
  1. Grads by Area (list for invitations)
  2. Crick Recording Instructions
  3. Grad Feedback on Candidate Email (template)

Events Coordinator - (folder)

  1. Overview & Instructions



Events Coordinator: Hannah Van Etten, hvanette@ucsd.edu, 858-534-4605

Fiscal Operations Manager: Tiffany Swiderski, tswiderski@ucsd.edu, 858-534-0289

SSCF-South: Danny Saba, sscf-psych@ucsd.edu, 858-534-1553

Colloquium Committee

Dave Barner, Chair dbarner@ucsd.edu

Tim Brady tfbrady@ucsd.edu

Nicko Christenfeld nchristenfeld@ucsd.edu

Karen Dobkins, kdobkins@ucsd.edu

John Serences, jserences@ucsd.edu

Colloquium Grad Reps

Listserv: collrep-psyc-l@ucsd.edu

Taylor Bondi        tbondi@ucsd.edu
Sean Coffinger        
Minju Kim        
Kelsey Sundby        

Job Talk Search Chairs & Committee Members

For search chair/committee  information, please contact the Events Coordinator

Job Talk Grad Reps

For search chair/committee  information, please contact the Events Coordinator