Intro to Google Docs & Drive

With Google Docs You Can Create Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Drawings, and Forms, which can be:

  1. Web based and linked to from anywhere
  2. Collaboratively created, shared and edited
  3. Become a backup for pre-existing Word Docs, Powerpoints, Excel Spreadsheets, Photos and Videos, and anything else
  4. Download Files In Your Drive To A Variety Of Formats(PDF’s, Word, Excel, PPT, JPEG)

Let’s Create And Share A Sample Document:

Uploading Existing Documents & Sharing:

Show How A Variety Of Documents(Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Photos, Videos,  Can Be Uploaded, Shared &)

(Show with a sample folder from my desktop)

(Turning Word or other Documents Into Google Docs)

Lesson Plan Uploaded Into Drive

Photo Uploaded(can edit with comment tool)

Video Stored For Playing

Study Guide

Share files either created in Google Docs or in other software with individuals or groups and enable them to edit them if you like.

Business Project Collaboration:

Collaborate With Spreadsheet

Organize folders of documents and share them with groups.

Web Class Project:

Create Tests and Quizzes Using Google Forms

Quiz 1:

Quiz 2:

French Project Example-Peter Hall

Use Google’s Built In Drawing Tools


Eli’s Graphic Organizer

Create Web Based Presentations

Sample Presentation:

How to Create A Simple Document and Share

Link On How To Do It

Tools For The Pro

Connect Apps To Google Drive(Scripts, Tools)

From Drive>Create>Connect More Apps>Choose Application

Google Link Shortener



Video Startet:


Mini Mac Session: Thursday January 8

Going Over System Preferences & Apple TV