Y3 S3 - Computing TA: I can create sequences to control a model, make sounds, show a display, and make calculations.

Today we will build on learnt skill and  use WeDo to create sequences and control a model including a sensor.

Basic WeDo operation, sequences and model control will be recapped and extended to include mathematical sequencing and debugging.

Steps to Success


I can create sequences to control a working model with a sensor, and carry out maths operations  with understanding.

What describes one step after another?

Output     ⃞            Sequence     ⃞

What does this block do?

Displays 1 on the screen    ⃞

Adds 1 to the total on the screen     ⃞

What is this?

A Motor      ⃞

A Motion Sensor     ⃞

What does this do?

Controls a motor stopping after some time   ⃞

Controls a motor which never stops   ⃞

I can debug problems

I want a motor to start and then stop after some time.

What’s the problem if I use this sequence?      

The motor will never start      ⃞

The motor will never stop      ⃞                                           


TA DO Assessment: