Dear Steve Brown,

I was Mischa’s teacher last year.My name is Kumiko Imai. As I was Mischa’s teacher I would know her weaknesses and strengths. I will also know how she reacts to different subjects.

Mischa likes reading non-fiction chapter books, but sometimes she needs help understanding some words. She also likes sports that include hand exercises.  She also likes learning about history because she likes learning about others lives and what they do for a living. For example: Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover America. Mischa dislikes math, writing and art.


You should also know that Mischa has some weaknesses and things that she needs help with. I have already explained that she needs some help understanding some  words in books. She also needs help with basic math and writing. Such as grammar, spelling and sentence structures. Mischa needs help in being more creative too. To be more exact she will need to learn to add more detail to her piece of writing or story. Moreover, Mischa also does not work well under pressure. I suggest that the things that she needs help with should be her goals this year.

Furthermore, Mischa works best with Selene. So if you were to pair her up with someone

 I suggest Selene. Mischa can already cooperate with Selene and Selene has creative ideas which Mischa does not have. So Mischa can help organize and categorize, then Selene can be the one with creative ideas. They will make a perfect team. Also Mischa knows Selene from last year so she can work more smoothly with her because she is comfortable with her.

Hope you have a smooth and successful year with 4C.

Best Regards

        Kumiko Imai