0. Preliminaries

  Brief Review of BNL Agenda again - to make sure everyone knows what's

  expected of them. [2]

1. Update on work to address "wind-storm" issues from last week.

2. Brief status reports from everyone.



Present: BD, MK, MS, RL, DH, GS, NM, GW

Chair: GW

Scribe: DH


NEW TOPIC: Review of BNL face-to-face meeting agenda


MS: Do we need to discuss API changes to pvaccess. Changes made and documented. Of narrow interest and those people know about it.

GW: Spend day 1 discussing new features for 4.4. Like a talk we would give in Saclay.

MS: Also security changes, hope to have this done. 0MQ codec may be done. (But 0MQ marketing). Prefer to do shared memory.

GW: Shared memory would be fine.

GW: Speaker from BNL on services

DB: Guobao and Nikolay could talk.

GW: Other

BD: Also Lin Yun.

Most CSS guys aren’t attending as met in China.

GW: Thursday gateway.

RL: What’s monitoring processing discussion.

MK: Discussion between RL and MK.

GW: Can we do it in the telecon.

RL: Not available next week.

DH: Would you be interested in interop talk (pvaSrv, CSS) and will you cover easyPVA.

GW: Will cover easyPVA. Add interop Wednesday.



NEW TOPIC: Action on “wind-storm”


GW: Windstorm. Added charter 2014-15.  Sent to TK. Positive response but he will have to do work and GW wants this acknowledged.


ADDED TOPIC: How often we do Releases


GW: Do we need a release without dbGroup (no release without something an IOC developer could use.

DH: Do we need to do a release?

MDs: Releases are a good idea as mark stable point, but we should spend less time.

GW: Spend time on it for forwards and backwards compatibility.

Done 1 release every 8 months.

MDs: Whole process should be a week, otherwise abort.

GW: Don’t agree. If we release to outside world.

GW: Surprised by how long Andrew’s process took.

GW: Release is about what goes in it.

MDs: Time spent on releases is time not spent on development.

MK: Need new release based on new APIs.

GW: Need 2-3 months to ensure no bugs.

MDs: No dev (MK/MS) for 2-3 months?

GW: No. Dev can continue.

MS: Make a release can get version out there and catch bugs. Would still like to make release without dbGroup.

(DIscussion microrelease versus major release)

GW: Major release what we announce on tech talk.

GW: Would you like to see more developers microrelease.

Let’s involve Andrew.

GW: Do developers releases towards major release? Let’s start.

MS: Wait until MK does easyPVA mutli.Then do it.



NEW TOPIC: Status Reports


BD: secured money. New guy from Chinese Synchrotron light source.To use V4 data acquisition and experimental control.

DH: Merging NTimage to NDArray - incl union support and bug fixing. The “proposed changes” has broken some things in DH’s stuff, so he’s addressing that. Preparing talk on V4 generally, so testing many aspects of it (python, easyPVA). CSS for IOC running pvaSrv - works. Trying to convert edm to css for areaDetector stuff is not going so well. May need input from RL.

MK: Multichannel support for EasyPVA java. May be ready for default branch.

MS: MS/MK will do tagging.


GS: Working on Masar. Written client  in pvaPy to talk to Masar service. Also eget.

NM: Using MongoDB in archiver service. Replace indexing files.

MDs: Have algorithm working. Need necessary change to linking and locking and want to make sure got it right. Making sure changes RL/MDs made OK for AJ. Looking at testing. After testing will be publishing on launchpad. Move to release.

GW: That’s when IOC engineers will pay attention.

GW: Recently working on new model system. Uses EPICS V4 to colect data and as API. Get data calculate optics. Developing in matlab. Using easyPVA. Written matlab wrappers.

MS: Removed String/StringBuilder/toString() from C++ modules. Ported latest C++ code to compile on vxWorks, Win, etc.

GW: Can you look at dashboard and update directly (especially MK/MS).

Meeting ends, 9:10 PST