Requirements Gathering: Best practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data (BP-MLOD), as part of the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, 2013.

Co-Chairs: Dominic Jones (Trinity College Dublin), Jose E. Labra (University of Oviedo), Jorge Gracia (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).


Discussion points:

(The outcomes around the below discussion points will be recorded (by Dominic) as minutes of the session. After the session the below notes will be turned into a more formal document and forwarded to contributors identified on the next page. Please feel free to add your name as a contributor!)



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Email Address:

Dominic Jones

CNGL, TCD, Ireland.

Jose E. Labra

University of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Jorge Gracia

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Roberto Navigli

Sapienza University of Rome

Haofen Wang

Apex Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Asunción Gómez-Pérez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Daniel Vila-Suero

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

M.T.Carrasco Benitez

European Commission, Luxembourg

Pedro L. Díez-Orzas

Linguaserve I.S. S.A.

Phil Ritchie


Paul Buitelaar

DERI, Nat. Univ. of Ireland, Galway




Timothy HEAP

Pablo Nieto Caride

Linguaserve I.S. S.A.

Nicholas Waltham

FAO, Rome

Community working group, with target issues, so some members would be more suited to specific discussions.



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