Experimental Bookbinding:  Assessment Rubric

Below Standard

Approaching Standard

At Standard

Above Standard

Define the Creative Challenge



  ➲ may identify a problem/  ask a question , but does not understand the purpose for innovation or consider the needs and interests of the target audience

➲ identifies a problem/ asks a question

➲ attempts to solve a problem/ answer a question by using solutions modeled by others

➲ does not thoroughly consider the needs and interests of target audience

➲ identifies an authentic problem/ asks a challenging question

➲ attempts to solve a problem/ answer a question in an innovative way

➲ considers the needs and interests of target audience

Generate, Test, & Revise Ideas


NGSS 2, 6

  ➲  does not use idea-generating techniques to develop new ideas for products

  ➲  reproduces existing ideas; does not imagine or test new ones

  ➲ brainstorms and tests existing knowledge to develop some original ideas

  ➲  constructs models, but does not reflect upon, or revise, solutions to make improvements to products or processes

  ➲ brainstorms, tests, and builds upon existing knowledge and generates new and improved ideas, products, or processes  

  ➲ constructs models to design and improve upon solutions

  ➲ reflects upon and revises products and processes

Problem Solving/




  ➲ may not attempt to conduct investigations to advance learning

  ➲ may lack grit or give up easily

  ➲  plans and conducts investigations, but may stay within conventional boundaries

  ➲ shows some persistence

  ➲  does not thoroughly investigate appropriate digital tools and resources

  ➲ plans and conducts investigations to advance and extend learning

  ➲ demonstrates grit and the use of critical thinking

  ➲  solves problems and makes informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources

Present Work to Users/ Target Audience




  ➲ presents ideas and products in typical ways (text-heavy, no interactive features)

  ➲ adds some interesting touches to presentation media

  ➲  attempts to include elements in presentation that make it more engaging

 ➲ creates compelling presentation media

 ➲ uses a variety of digital media and formats to communicate and share ideas with others

  ➲ contributes to individual learning and to the learning of others

Rubric format based on CREATIVITY & INNOVATION RUBRIC for PBL

(for grades 6-12; CCSS ELA aligned) ©2013 BUCK INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION