Saving and Sharing Designs


Build Mode

Place Mode

Edit Mode

Resource Count

Stability Mode

Copy-Paste for Rust

Startup Problems

There have been cases where you need to restart Steam after first installing Fortify for it to work.

Check this out if you’re still experiencing issues:

Initial Settings


Some controls and shortcuts can be customized under the input tab.

You can lower the graphics settings here if using an older computer or building a ridiculously large base.

Saving and Sharing Designs

Save As only saves files in the main saves folder.

Subfolders can be added but the files need to be moved manually. Reopen the menu to refresh the file list.

The Save button will save to wherever the file was loaded from.

Clipboard Export allows you to copy the save data to your clipboard.

Some web services have a character limit which could result in incomplete save data if pasting into a message.

That’s why is a good choice and you can get automatic links with this button.

The generated link is copied to your clipboard for sharing.

The Fortify subreddit has lots of posted designs to check out using Clipboard Import.

Submit your own unique designs for feedback. Warning: You may get downvoted for no good reason.


Tab switches between build and place mode.

It’s a good idea to copy your saves folder for backup purposes.

Keyboard Shortcuts 

esc - open or close main menu

F12 - take a screenshot

Camera Controls

Can be customized in initial settings for AZERTY keyboards.

Invert Y-Axis is available under Options.

W/S - forward and back.

A/D - pan left and right.

Hold right click to rotate the camera.

Hold shift to speed up all camera movement.

Space/left Ctrl - move the camera up and down.

Interior Camera Mode - Slows the camera down and prevents it from going through walls.

Merge Saves

Copy contents from a file into the current scene.

Left click to place the contents, it can be rotated while moving around.

Importing a huge base or a 3D terrain save with foundations at different heights might not give you the best results.

The merged parts stay selected after placement so you can just delete if you’re not happy with it.

Deleting Parts

Highlight part and press R / backspace / delete. This can be used after selecting multiple parts in Edit mode.

Restores last deleted part or parts.

Hide Floors

Hidden floor parts still have active colliders to prevent overlapping from below.

Page up and down are the shortcuts to adjust the hide floor level.

Click the tab below the arrows to jump to the first floor.


Building Tiers

Toggle the tier used for new parts while in Build mode or click to change the current selection in Edit Mode.

Allow Overlap

Parts can intersect freely.

Cupboards can overlap each other.

Certain parts can now break Rust rules and be placed on the ground or on floors/foundations.

Add Codes

Select doors while in Edit mode to use this. Multiple doors/hatches can be set at once.

Mousing over the door will show the code.

Build Mode


Wall parts can replace other walls without deleting (change a wall to a window).

Press 1-7 part shortcuts repeatedly to cycle through groups, like floor and floor tri.

Swapping similar parts can also be done with mouse3.

Doors and roofs will flip sides while placing with Q / E.

Stairs and Hatches can be rotated after placing with Q / E.

Strong/Weak Side

All wall parts have a strong and weak side, use Q / E to flip while selected.

While placing press Q / E to change if the strong or weak is facing the camera.

    weak                 strong

Place Mode

Items can be rotated while placing with Q / E / scroll wheel. Hold alt to get finer rotation.

Click placed cupboards to see radius.

Edit Mode

MouseOver Selection

Default selection mode, left click to add to selection or hold mouse over parts while holding left click to add, hold alt to remove from selection.

Rectangle Selection

Press M or mouse 4 to toggle.

Hold alt or ctrl - remove or add to the selection.

Disables up/down movement.


Level Selection Tools

Goes through every level with a selected part and adds or removes from the current selection.

Going left to right: selects everything, only floors,  only wall parts, and any part types that were in the original selection.

Add Level

Select foundations or floors first. The top option outlines and the other honeycombs the selection with walls.

Floors will be placed above if the bottom “include floors” toggle is enabled (on by default).

Copy Level

Will copy any selected building part (includes frame parts) one level up.

Copy Structure

Selection must contain a foundation. Rotate with Q / E / scroll wheel.



First select the parts you want to align/move (must contain a foundation).

Click on the ground next to the target edge you want the parts aligned with.

This uses the colliders used in foundation placement which is shown below.

Lastly choose the edge of the selection you want aligned to the target.

Here’s the tool in action: 

This tool doesn’t prevent overlapping where the two structures come together.

Resource Count

Will only show the count for visible floors.

The other tier toggles show the cost if every building part is changed to that tier.

Click the panel to update the count.

Stability Mode

Saves a temporary copy of your scene that will load back when exiting this mode.

It’s still a good idea to save before switching to this mode, especially with large bases.

All deployables are removed in this mode, this might be improved in the future.

There was an update to the stability code (January 2017) that makes it much more accurate to Rust.

Destruction Mode


The cannon ball knocks out parts in the hit radius.

Mouse over parts while using C4 to see the health.

Copy-Paste for Rust

This option saves and loads .json files that are configured to work with the Copy-Paste oxide plugin.

Get the plugin and more info here:

Try it out with your own server:


Once your server is setup add the json files to the copypaste folder:

server > "your server name" > oxide > data > copypaste > example_base.json

You might need to create the copypaste folder.

Then type in chat: /paste example_base

Filenames with spaces need to be in quotes: /paste "example base"

Undo placement: /undo 

Adjust the height (1 is default): /paste example_base height 2   


 /copy example_base

The building part you are directly looking at will be at zero elevation in the save (so look at a foundation).

The file will end up in the location mentioned above.