Tiger2720141.jpgTiger2720142.jpgTiger2720146.jpgTiger is a female, spayed, indoor tabby, approx 13 years old..  She ran away from her previous owners somewhere around the summer of 2001, as a small kitten and though we repeatedly tried to bring her back to her old home, she kept coming back until previous owners said to keep her!  

In early March of 2014, we noticed a weight loss, insatiable thirst and appetite plus urine balls the size of dinner plates.  Rushed to the vet and discovered hyperthyroid plus feline diabetes; her weight had dropped to 11lbs. Vet suggested to treat hyperthyroid first, and switch to high protein canned food.  Tiger received radioactive iodine treatment at the Cat’s Exclusive Clinic in Shoreline, WA on March 11, 2014.  She looked fine and weighed 9 pounds when she came home from the radioactive treatment clinic.  

However, early April of 2014, Tiger could hardly walk, had a poor appetite and we rushed her again to the vet where she was hospitalized for 4 days.  Her weight had dropped down to barely 8 pounds at this time.  On  April 15, 2014 I took her home from the hospital and started home treatment. Upon her first week of being home, she increased her weight to 8lbs, 6 oz. She is still needing to gain weight.

Tiger’s vet has also advised she needs dental work, but at this stage(May 2014) it is out of the question to put her under - her little body would not survive the anesthesia. This may be affecting her BG numbers as well.  

Food: Weaned off dry Blue Buffalo Aging Cat food about one year ago. Switched to entirely canned Blue Healthy Gourmet.  As of  April 2014, eating Purina DM canned food willingly,  and will continue until we can get a handle on her BG

Currently she is on Lantus, 1.0 units x2.

Home test with Solus v2 meter, inherited from MIL

back up ReliOn Micro meter

Ketastix on hand to test for ketones.