1. Grantham Swimming Club

A SWIM21 Development Club

Schedule of Charges

Typical set up starts 2 hours before warm up, please ensure sufficient time is booked with the Meres.

Added extras - New for 2016

Take advantage of our Swiss diving blocks and Live results : an additional £50.00 per day

Also we have Live results (after each event and after judges confirmation) straight to your device via the Internet* Have your own club logo with your website news items presented with links to your own social media pages and website.

*The Live results works on Android, Apple and Windows devices as well as Laptops and PCs.  Results are hosted on Grantham Swimming Club web space and are kept for 12 months.

Cheques made payable to Grantham Swimming Club in advance please.

Date: 23rd November 2015

Contact : David Lewis, djl.foundation@gmail.com   www.swim-club.org

Member of the AOE Users Group

Grantham Swimming Club | www.swim-club.org

Affiliated to Lincolnshire ASA and the ASA East Midland region.