Through the message below, you will find examples of a cipher within English and a number of other languages which, through it's highlighting by Holy Scripture, shows an intelligent design of both.  In something like a reverse Tower of Babel, God's existence is proven through a message that swirls around the disclosure that our civilization is a creation designed to rid the Universe of darkness.  You might not have noticed that the world's religions revolve around a prophesy of a fire starting--from the Eternal Flame to the Holy Sepulcher.  In the context of Creation this fire focuses on the moral and correct use of technology in order to make a better world.... here, proof of it's existence and use throughout our history linking language to both Babel and Prometheus.  Trying not to reinvent the wheel, before us is not only proof of the purpose of religion but a significant amount of guidance--wisdom--as to how it might be best integrated and used by our society.  Imagine we live in a world where hunger and heinous crimes could be stopped... just by snapping our fingers.  This realization.. is the primary purpose of the Apocalypse.

Eat this bread, (( b re a son a.d. ))

think of it as me... drink this WINE...

and dream it will be.

Dave J. Matthews, Christmas Song

for e he a.d.  

    a    d o

    r    a b

    t    m r

    h      i


Normally that phrase would be describing what we were thinking--or being made to think, and while that might also be true... here--where I am the key to seeing a hidden language that proves through it's existence the "fact' of Creation; isn't it appropriate that it's my initials (and a logical phrase) hidden within the very word that is the clear Revelation?  These initials are new to us, the are the standard abbreviation we use for the Latin phrase for "in year of our Lord," Anno Domini.. I often find it remarkable how well these hidden words and phrases logically relate to the topic at hand.  For instance, the Hebrew word for "Lord" is Adonai, and that one clearly expands for me to "Adam Dobrin on Artificial Intelligence."  Not so far away, the name of another god, Adonis... to "on.. I'm Single..." and Carly Simon really does make me think that so many songs are about me.  These things really aren't me, though they do provide an excellent entry point for a conversation about what it is that I stand for.  I probably don't talk about it enough, because to be honest, I often feel like I'm talking to a wall.  So what if there's a Biblical story about this wall, and about torchlight bringing it down... I suppose I have to say "here we are" at the foot of Jericho.

It's those words that begin the Queen song "Princes of the Universe," and those words that Taylor Momsen sings right before saying "you're too drunk to hear what I say."  It's also those three words that came up time and again, as I argued about the possibility of "Jesus Christ," this thing that many expect to "Rule with an Iron Rod," and is often called that bad word... Lord... being born in America.  Not with my love for democracy and freedom--there certainly can be no Lord Jesus Christ... that would be anywhere near right.  Of course as time went on, I changed my mind.

Do you know what did it?  Perfection.

Judaism talks about two lights being created, one to rule the night.. and the other the day.  In the name of the Patriarch, Abraham.. we have a key to seeing the "Holy Trinity."  In Hebrew "ab" means both "father" and "dark cloud," and back to good old Egypt it's pretty clear to see that Ra is the "God of the Son."   I've spoken before about how SOL is an acronym to me, one that I think God--speaking through the band Live--says he gave to... the One.  Like many of the acronyms He's given me, it works well in superposition--and stands for "See our Light," "Statue of Liberty," and "Sons of Liberty."  Through the night we've come, with this light above.  It highlights to me very clearly the prescient vision that must have gone into the name "Sons of Liberty," a name which was completely meaningless in the humanitarian sense at the time it was used... but through the night it became truth.  Through emancipation, suffrage, and finally to this place we are in... where a great chain is being lifted from the world.  Here we've been wandering in a wilderness of understanding, not realizing that science and technology had predated religion... and that it's true purpose is to free us from the hidden shackles that these technologies themselves create when they are kept secret.

Maybe more important right this very minute, religion is helping our society to regain a freedom that I'm pretty sure you too can see has been lost.  Through this same secrecy and censorship... the gifts that we once said were God given; and now I truly have shed my grace to regain are truly being delivered to us by this thing that many and Marx called "an opiate."  For this freedom from censorship and tyranny to truly come to be, though, you need to do your part and ensure that this story... and the opportunities that it brings to the world is actually heard.

"Hidden Adam," that's what I call the Holy Ghost, or Ha... in the Trinity of two letter initials which might also include "Adam Before " and "Really Adam."  Those two letters, Ha, happen to be the same two which were donated to Abram's name upon his Covenant with God... in the Book this came before his near sacrifice of his son Isaac, whose story bears a striking resemblance to the Crucifixion... and whose name means "He laughs," in English.  As the days go by, I think it becomes ever so much more clear that the Covenant interaction and the near sacrifice are much more related than the story had originally let on.

These linguistic keys, a long series of small words hidden within larger ones... though with meaning and impact much bigger than their size lets on, these things are proof of time travel, foreknowledge of right now in a book written millennium ago.  They also give me a great deal of insight into the desires and intentions of the Creator, and the whole world has the ability to either agree or disagree with me--and to seek out what I see a treasure hidden within religion and modern art... for themselves, if only the world knew about it.  

I've remarked that everything is both dependent on and extant for the liberation that comes through disclosure of the Second Coming, and while that might be a little bit of an understatement... it's seeing how things like our modern movie "The Fifth Element" ties to Shakespeare's famous question.... "To B or not to Be?" (which I always thought of when I looked up what the "Fifth Element" actually is... on the periodic table)... and then how Shakespeare is just a twist away from RattleRod--it takes just that little jump to see how science has always been lurking just under the surface of ancient scriptures about the "salt of the Earth" (which links directly to Lot's wife, and Mary's actual name... Nanna) to show us that it really doesn't take a sleuth to figure out that science, religion, and Creation are fundamentally related... it's elementary, my dear What-sons.  This Rod rattling is about showing the world just how much of ths story really is woven into our everything, our history, our music, our religions... from Nero's fiddle to the Eternal Flame.  Seeing this link between science and religion; and the wisdom, technologies, and hidden history that religion then reveals itself to be a record of--is the key to emancipation, even to survival.

The first really bright symbol I saw related chemistry to love.... I mean, to religion... came during the ADvent of 2014, as I wrote my first book on the topic of Holy Fire.  It paired well with the "Burning Bush" and prescient mention of the parted sea of Moses... in Ha'esh; as it is the name of the Book of Exodus, written in reverse.  In Linux (commands)--and chemistry--this name means "let there be light."  So it's no surprise that the perfection I found comes from reading backwards.  It's a contrast between the Rod of Aaron, the Iron Rod of Christ... and a prophesy that is woven into my life and our culture so deeply that I have to scream come on baby, light my fire.

Reading Rod backwards, and adding in that "o" that changes God to good... the perfection that I see comes from an answer to my argument about "here we are."  Somewhere between "let my people go" and "we the people" comes a story that ties a personal family history of grandparents who had a court battle over a Door company (to show you the intricacy of Creation) the key to seeing why I now think it's OK for Jesus Christ to exist, is because his doors are For Everyone.  That's Iron, elementally.  If Jim Morrison's name isn't enough... "more? I'm the Son..." try and visualize the Darkness of the last Plague of Exodus as keeping everyone from seeing something really obvious, and what that does to logic, to our minds.  This is really obvious stuff, especially after it's pointed out... and yet so many keep insisting its,... just coincidence.   Breaking down this wall is everything.

 If you happen to want to reach me, use the protonmail address at "the matchbox" or my cell... I'm a real person, I swear... most of my life I was relatively normal--I don't deserve to be crushed for doing what I can to save the world.  Abraham, by the way, is also a "macaronic" (like Yankee Doodle... c?) open the message.  There is nothing more than an "m" without me.

For Earth, and for Egypt, Eden, Edom... the Ewok--and all creation, these initials are a key to sight, to seeing an intentionally laid confluence between the mired birth of a legendary story... and the "Immaculate" groundwork through which it has been conceived.  I made the E connection between Biblical themes and Earth itself much earlier than this last one, which combines the holy "AM" (like in Amish and America) with the Egyptian word for underworld, Duat... to add my middle initial to not just the designer of an American microchip designer, but to the Egyptian book that describes the traversal of Ra through the night... through the AMDuat.

Do not go silently into the abyss, rage against the dying of the light.