Publish Date: 10-15-2014

Section: Forum

Type: PCP

Byline: Savannah Nelson

Title: Copy Editor

Headline: Packing up/walking out early


Word Count: 366

ESE Count: 0

We’re in college, and that means that we pay for our education. We invest all of our savings to hear our professors teach, and to get their perspectives on their given field. Because of this, I just don’t understand how students can cut out of class early, or start packing up before the teacher—who we’re all paying to hear—is finished.

Besides the economic reasoning, I’m not sure if there’s anything ruder than packing up your stuff early, so that the minute class ends, you can walk out the door.

Maybe there’s a disconnect between the hurried student and their surroundings; they just don’t understand that their folders and notebooks make noise when they’re being corralled into a backpack, and that their zippers are never quiet.

To those students: your noise sends a message. You’re signaling to the learners around you that you don’t care if they can’t hear the lecture. And what’s even worse—you’re basically telling your professor that you don’t give a shit about the last few minutes of their lesson. Which, might I add, typically ends with a bang; many educators get to the most important details or the main ideas near the end of their class. For example, my biology professor always explained the homework requirements within the last few minutes, so the poor kid who needed to fish for his pencil on the floor always missed out. Oh, and so did everyone around him.

If students want to harpoon their own educational experience, then that’s fine. Ditch class, don’t pay attention, do whatever. If it’s more important for them to get to their next class than to value the teachable moments in the present, that can be their problem. However, it becomes not okay when it’s disrupting everyone around them.

I’m all about having personal freedoms and rights, even in the college world. We have the privilege to do as we please as adult students, which is a right we are entitled to when we pay fees and tuition every semester. It’s just when these liberties intrude upon the rights of others that I start to have a problem. Don’t be that person that takes everyone down with them because they’re impatient.