5 Mugs of Great Coffee! 

                          Step by Step Instructions

Buy freshly roasted whole beans. Avoid dark roasts! Coffee that has been roasted dark, loses the unique flavors that differentiate beans from different areas.

1.     Weigh the beans. Pull out the plastic coffee box from the grinder, place it on the coffee scale then press the “on” button. It should read 0.0. Pour in 60gms of beans (12gms/cup)

2.    Dump the beans into the top of the grinder and push the coffee box back into the grinder

3.     Grind the beans (the grinder should be set to #19). Turn the knob on the right clockwise to about the 3rd mark. When grind is done turn the timer counter clockwise till it stops

4.     Fill the coffee brewer, while beans are grinding,  up to the 5 cup mark (8oz/cup) by lifting the lid.

5.    Use a #4 paper filter, in the filter basket and pour the ground coffee into it. Slide the pot and filter into the brewer (tilt the leading edge down a bit to clear the water head).

6.     Aggitate bloom. This is important for real fresh coffee that forms an expanding cap of grounds while brewing. Jiggle the filter basket a bit to mix the water and grounds evenly.

7.     Pour your coffee and enjoy! The coffee maker turns itself off after about 20 minutes.

Version 1.1   Printed    6/7/2015