8StarID: Renaming your Profile to your Star ID- Mac


This document outlines steps to Rename your Profile to your Star ID- Mac. For more information, see our website at http://www.mnsu.edu/starid or contact the MSU Service Desk, servicedesk@mnsu.edu, 507-389-6654.

Instructions for Renaming your Profile to your Star ID- Mac

Note: You must be logged in as an ITS administrator, you cannot perform this in the account that needs the profile changed

1. Log in with the Admin username and Password.

Click the Apple Icon in the upper left hand corner and click System Preferences.

2. Click Users & Groups

3. Click the Lock in the lower left hand corner to unlock the functions. Enter the administrator username and password when prompted.

Right-Click on the user account that you are trying to move and click Advanced Options

4. Change the Account Name and Home Directory to your StarID (your actual StarID).

Click OK. Close the window.

5. Select Go from the top menu bar and click Utilities

6. Click Terminal


7. Open the Macintosh HD icon on the Desktop.

(Note: If this is not located on the desktop, open Finder. Click the Finder Menu from the upper left and select Preferences. Click the General tab, and check Hard Disks)

8. Click Users. This will display all the user profiles on this computer. Keep this window open.

7. In the terminal window type:

“sudo mv /Users/previoususername /Users/StarID”, Note: replace the “previoususername” with the users old campus username and replacing the “StarID” with their star ID

An line will prompt you to enter the Admin Password, type in the admin password and click enter. It should move to the next line. Nothing will appear to happen.

Note: Go

8. Your Profile has been renamed and you will see that change in the Users window.

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