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How localization boosted an app from 40th to 5th place on Google Play

We translated the interface and app description of Home Bookkeeping, an Android app, into Spanish, French and German. Right away, the app began to climb the sales charts on Google Play in Spain, France and Germany. What makes this story even more interesting is what our client didn’t do: no advertising was purchased, so this was a “pure” experiment in the effect of localization all by itself.


Here are the ratings for Home Bookkeeping among paid Finance apps on Google Play in European countries, prior to localization:

Spain – 40th place

France – 46th place

Germany – 53rd place

Just 10 days after release of the localized versions, the statistics started to show a very different – and favorable – picture. Growth in Spain and France was particularly impressive:

Spain – 7th place (+33 from previous)

France – 11th place (+35 from previous)

Germany – 43rd place (+10 from previous)

This burst in downloads was no flash in the pan – the upward trend was stable and long-lasting:


Post-localization, Home Bookkeeping is among the top five paid Finance apps in both Spain and France. While its ranking in Germany is not as strong (the causes of which deserve a closer look), climbing from 40+ to approximately 20th is still a worthy accomplishment.

As noted, these results are thanks to translation of the app interface, translation of the description on Google Play, and placement of updated screenshots in Spanish, French and German. Not a cent was spent on advertising! Just imagine what can be accomplished by combining localization with smartly targeted, locale-specific promotional efforts.

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