We have had a wonderful time getting to know our young musicians at Ocean Ave this fall.  I am new at OAS so we have been singing name songs to help meet each other. By playing the rhythm of our names on the drum, we discovered that some names have one sound and other have two, three or four.  

We have been listening to different styles of music to practice our steady beat and active listening skills. Moving to music is one of our favorite activities!  We have been exploring the music room with fast and slow drum beats and moving to music with scarves.  We also enjoyed dancing a “silly dance contest.”  

September is also a time when we explore making different sounds with our voices, practicing high and low sounds, learning the difference between our chanting and singing voice and finding new silly voices at the piano. Some of our current songs include Hop Ole Squirrel, Apple Tree and a new echo song called “Listen to the Children.”


This month was full of instrument playing, singing, and dancing!  Many of our songs were about the Fall season and the changing, falling, Autumn leaves.  We played many different percussion instruments including the Glockenspiel.  Students practiced playing the glockenspiel from low to high with our song.

We read “Can you do it” by Eric Carle.  The animals in Carle’s book helped us explore new ways to move.  And move we did!  We are learning to move safely around the music room to the beat of the drum to prepare us for more organized folk dances.


This is a short month for us!  We have been learning about the STRINGS family.  Students passed around a violin, and also learned about the viola, cello, bass and harp instruments.  We are learning new songs and students are doing an amazing job developing their singing voices and matching pitch.  Our song this month is about Caring and Empathy, the learner attributes for the month of December.  Students will have the opportunity to sing the song at the upcoming community meeting on December 1st!



We have been learning about music from the Nutcracker ballet. We enjoyed moving with scarves and beanbags to the music.