Kingdom of Haven Dungeon Masters

(in effect August 1st 2018)

DM Ranks

  1. Any new Dungeon Master that joins the team starts at the rank of Apprentice Dungeon Master where they are given an initial 3 month probation period to prove themselves to the team. During this probation period their performance will be continuously evaluated.
  2. Failing to miss 2 months minimum requirements without a waiver by the admin staff within 6 months may result in you being removed from the team. Missing a month will extend your probation period.
  3. Apprentice Dungeon Masters cannot handle disputes, only the Admin/Dungeon Master’s may.
  4. After 5 months (or sooner by proven merit) an Assistant DM will be promoted to a full Dungeon Master. Missing a month will extend this period.
  5. The better you perform and how much you contribute to the team is a factor in this decision.
  6. Dungeon Masters are expected to help teach and train Apprentice Dungeon Masters and are to act polite and courteous to the new members whom are still learning the ropes.
  7. Apprentice Dungeon Masters may be assigned a particular Dungeon Master to act as their teacher, but all DMs are expected to assist.

DM Roles & Responsibilities

“As a dungeon master your goal is to create a fine time for everyone on the server. Your responses to the players, the situations you present, the challenges you create, the stories you build together all must be balanced so as to provide an enjoyable experience you and your players. DMs should strive to be fair and create an enjoyable experience and their reward is the recognition and appreciation from everyone on the server. Beyond just running events, DMs also handle day-to-day requests from players and answer questions be it in or out of the main game.”

Event Running: Roles & Responsibilities

  1. You will be required to run 6.5 hours of events per month unless you have a scheduled down time break to prevent burn out or an approved break.
  1. What qualifies as an event: plot/mini-plot event, atmospheric (background) event, social events (starting parties, etc.), server wide event (monster rally/kill a monster/major plotlines, etc.).
  2. Events typically last 1-2 hours so it would take on average 3-5 events a month to meet your requirements. Logging on and answering general inquiries does not constitute time put in: you will be expected to run events.
  3. Player count is not a requirement. A NPC may need to meet with one PC, it still counts as an event but should not be the bulk of your events. It is recommended that events that can use sign ups do and are capped at each DMs comfort level of how many PCs they want to manage at a time.
  4. Failure to meet these monthly deadlines for 2 months will constitute removal from the position unless you were given approval ahead of time to take time off from the server.
  5. A 1 week break from the DM client will be offered to any DM who exceeds 10 hours of events within 5 weeks or whenever you feel like you need a break. It is entirely discretionary if you wish to take this or not, but it will be your responsibility to keep track of your hours.
  6. You will be given 2 weeks or 4 sessions of training with the DM client by experienced DMs, which may include tagging along with them during an event. After you are given this period of training and you tell us you are confident with the client, you are then expected to meet your monthly goals (the time requirement is pro-rated by the remaining weeks of the month so if it’s the last week you only need to do 1.5 hours of events).
  1. You will be required to clearly write up following the event write up guidelines within three days of running said event.
  2. You will be required to speak with the rest of the team in regards to ensuring tickets in the Plotline Inquiries section and Letters to NPC figures regarding your events are handled in a timely fashion if you cannot respond to them yourself.
  3. You will be expected to work with writers and the rest of the team to run events allocated to you or to come up with your own mini-plot events, as well as attending to the Event Requests Tickets for player requested events such as balls, parties, masquerades, hunts or rallies.  Any of your own plot events will need approving by the Event Coordinator/Admin before you can start.
  4. You will also be expected to provide general assistance to players ingame by making yourself available a minimum of 1.5 hours a month in the OOC room for assistance unrelated to event hours. Inquires can include answering ticket requests and questions that players may have. Answering ticket inquiries will count as 30 minutes towards the minimum per DM written response.

Event write up guidelines:

  1. Event write ups should be completed within 3 days of the event having been run and include the following:
  1. Detailed summary of the event (What happened? What did the players do? What was the result of the event?).
  1. Plot-involved events include: an event involving a continuous server story-line or a pre-approved mini-plot event and will require a detailed summary.
  2. An event that has no plot or impact on the server’s plotline may be summarized in a few sentences about what it was and when it happened. An example being: A monster rally was run on x date and the players made it to x round of the rally. Another example: A cat appeared with the problem of producing rainbows, named PC solved the problem with a Greater Dispel.
  1. Who attended the event (character name, account).
  2. Notable NPC’s with NPC write up for each – Background, personality and if you’d like to keep the NPC to yourself only or are happy to have other DM’s use said NPC. A link to the NPC section along with the NPC name will also be acceptable if this is not their first appearance.
  3. PC relations – If a PC made a positive or negative contact with a NPC or other players with as much detail as possible to allow said PC to use it in someone else’s event where positive or to have it used against the PC if negative
  4. Chat logs are optional to be included with the summary, but welcomed and may only be pasted directly into the forums. No third party web pages may have chat log information posted to them by DMs.

Story Writing & UBRs

“DMs are also the creative minds and souls behind just about every major plot-line and story on the server. While not always being the individuals running the events, their stories help guide and direct the other dungeon masters and the players towards the desired goals of the plot-lines. DMs may also handle Unusual Background Requests and provide their insight and lore from their knowledge.”

  1. Any DM may assist with the story development for the server.  Either writing events for yourself to run or for another DM to run as well as those requested for by players in the Event Requests section.
  2. Time dedicated to answering UBRs, writing stories, etc. will count towards your 6.5 hours. For example: doing a UBR may count as 30-60 minutes towards your goal. Writing a story handed to you might count as 1-2 hours. Answering tickets can be 15 minutes towards that time, etc.
  3. You may also assist with Unusual Background Requests, Plotline Inquiries, Letters to NPC figures.  
  4. Unusual Background Requests, Plotline Inquiries and Letters to NPC figures. must receive an answer from a member of the Story team or be assigned to a specific member within forty eight hours hours of the request being posted. You will be expected to work within the boundaries of the server and forgotten realms lore and ask for assistance from the rest of the team if you are unsure on any part.  If more time is needed to research, check or clarify than forty eight hours then this must be informed on the request with a timeframe of when the player can expect the answer.

Hours & Calculations

“6.5 hours is the minimum requirement a DM is required to put in in order to maintain their position. Use this formula to calculate your hours. You are responsible for tallying your own hours!

  1. Event Running: preparation time + event running time. Time counts in full. Example: 1 hour preparation for an event + 5 hour duration = 6 hours. Event write-up is required.
  2. OOC room assistance: Count the time assisting with players, not idling. No more than 1 1/2 hours a month may count towards this.
  3. Discord assistance:  See OOC room assistance.
  4. Ticket assistance: Count the time you spent working on a ticket.
  5. UBRs: Count the time you spent working on the UBR doing research, speaking with other DMs, and other stuff related to answering the UBR request. If you did a portion of the work in two different months then make sure to note each months duration.
  6. Story-writing: Count the time you spent writing a story assigned to you. If you wrote the storyline in advance of an event you were running then count that as preparation time.