Michael Mowery

Business Web Page:  www.telluridetech.com            Personal Web Page:  www.mikemowery.com

Email: michael@telluridetech.com        Phone:  970.239.1456


        25 years of successful programming experience solving problems with many different technologies.  I bring creativity, expertise, leadership, dedication, communication and passion to any team or organization.  Seeking a remote contract programming position.


University of Colorado, Boulder, CO         Degree: BS-Engineering Computer Science        Graduated: May 1991


Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Certification:  August 1997


C#, .NET, SQL Server, Kendo UI, jQuery, Javascript

PHP, Laravel,  Yii,  MySQL

Heroku, Digitalocean, Scrumwise, Github, Bitbucket, Rancher, Docker, Wordpress

Justinmind, Moqups, Balsamiq, Google Draw, Adobe Fireworks

MS Access, VBA, Excel, Powerpoint

Google Analytics, Freshdesk, Malwarebytes, Google Research


Literacy Pro, Boulder, CO        November 2011 – Present

Member of team that developed full stack implementation of next generation .NET Web Application from existing legacy product.   Backend repositories and services developed using Entity Framework and Dapper querying a SQL Server Database.  Front end used MVC patterns with Kendo, jQuery and other frameworks.  Team followed Agile methodologies using the tool Scrumwise.  Wrote many restful API for both internal and external clients.

Skills:  C# 6.0, .NET 4.6, SQL Server 2012, Kendo UI, jQuery, Javascript, Scrumwise, Github

Member of graphically dispersed team developing web application using Laravel, PHP, MySql 

Skills: Laravel, PHP, MySql, Heroku

Created and presented many modern UI designs for the next generation of the legacy product and designs for the brand new product.

Skills: Justinmind, Moqups, Balsamiq, Google Draw, Adobe Fireworks

BEH Management, Boulder, CO        September 2008  – Present

Created and maintained custom software applications developed for their clients including proprietary benchmarking databases and project management systems for team-based organizations.

Skills: MS Access, VBA, Excel, Powerpoint

Telluride Tech, Telluride, CO        September 2008 – Present

Developed, hosted and maintained full stack web application for Property Management company using Yii framework and PHP.

Skills: Yii, PHP, Google Analytics

Created, hosted and maintained several Wordpress blogs (Red Tambourine, Telluride Print And Poster, Global Journeys Ltd)

Skills: Wordpress, Digitalocean

Provided IT support to people and business in the Telluride Area.  As the business grew, I hired two staff members that helped with these projects. 

Skills: Freshdesk, Malwarebytes, Google Research  

Harris Corporation (formerly Encoda Systems, Inc.), Denver CO        October 2002 – August 2008

Ported C#/.NET Digital Asset Management client application to a leading edge Macintosh OSX (Leopard) client application.  This involved setting up from scratch the plugin architecture and frameworks that modeled the windows client.  Data was consumed from Windows Communication Foundation Soap Web Services.  Each framework and plugin was independently testable via unit tests.  Integrated Quicktime and Quartz 2d into player and timeline that allowed the user to play and mark different types of media.  Exported edit decision lists into format that was read into Final Cut Pro.  Updates to handled using Sparkle.  Work shown at NAB 2008.

Skills: Cocoa, Objective-C, XCode, QuickTime, Quartz 2d, Sparkle, Final Cut Pro

Part of team that created a UI Framework that was used by different international teams at Harris.  Framework uses Infragistics and Office 2007 Ribbon technology and was developed using MVC pattern.  Created training material and trained on site, which included Budapest Hungary.  Utilized FlexWiki to communicate with other team members.

Skills: C#, Infragistics, Office 2007, FlexWiki

Prototyped for the Next Generation products using C# and .NET.  Research and present leading edge ideas to the business.  Work shown at NAB 2004 and NAB 2005.  Created setup projects for our distributed application.

Skills: C#, Infragistics, MindFusion, NUnit, Perforce, Installshield

Found solutions for the more difficult problems.  Added enhancements to the product.  Served as Change Control Management backup.  Brought sanity to the Installshield and Microsoft Windows Installer deployment problems.  

Skills: Installshield,  Visual Basic 6.0, Source Safe

HyperSpider LLC, Denver CO        October 1997 – August 2008

Maintain and Enhance:

        Retail and Wholesaler website- www.alpenschatz.com

Non-active Websites

        www.drwhorseboarding.com,  www.redlinelive.com,

Skills: ASP.Net, HomeSite, JavaScript, HTML

Provide IT support for local business, including network infrastructure, PC, printer, and QuickBook support.

Work Options Group, Lafayette CO        May 2002 – September 2002

Designed and implemented framework for distributed application.  Developed a prototype using C#, SQL Server, Web Services, and Smart Client technologies.   Automated Microsoft Word for specific report needs.  Problem solved and fixed existing ASP pages.   Cleaned up bad data.  Tracked progress with Microsoft Project.

Skills:  C#, Web Services, .NET Framework, ASP, SQL Server, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project

ProControl Inc., Evergreen CO        Nov 1999 - Sep 2000;  Jan 2001 - Dec 2001

Developed a graphical process control software package.  The plot module was implemented as an ActiveX control.  Extensive process control knowledge contained in software.  Used Titanium copy protection software to secure software.

Created an installation package using InstallShield and released it to customer.

Skills:  Visual Basic 6.0, ActiveX, InstallShield, Source Safe, Titanium

Columbine JDS, Denver CO        August 2000 – September 2000

Enhanced and developed client/server solutions for an Inventory Management system for Broadcast Programming.

Skills:  C++, MFC, AS400, SQL, Crystal Reports

Computer Training Source, Boulder CO        February 2000 – March 2000; September 2002

Taught mid-level Microsoft Access course.  Developed and taught JavaScript course. Taught Crystal Reports class.

Skills: JavaScript, MS-Access, Crystal Reports

E20, Boulder CO                August 1999 – October 1999

Designed and developed filtering applet with Java (Swing and AWT).  Design done using UML.

Skills: Java 1.2, Swing, UML

Applied Technology, Boulder  CO        June 1999 – August 1999

Took a Fuel Automation project from a Development phase to an Alpha release.

Skills: Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports, InstallShield

Bank Boston, Boston MA        September 1998 – February 1999

Hired as a contract programmer to fix existing problems and develop new solutions for the Global Capital Markets division.  Created a query by example internal bug tracking Access database.

Skills: Visual Basic 4.0, Access, UNIX, Autosys, ODBC, Sybase

Aurum, Golden CO                February 1997 – August 1998

Functioned in various roles on a multi-million dollar electronic catalog project for Rockwell Automation.

Skills: Visual Basic 5.0, MS-Access

Learning International, Golden CO        December 1996 – February 1997

Customized an opportunity management system to meet client needs.  Created several Crystal Reports.

Skills: Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Reports

Antalys, Golden CO                May 1995 – August 1996

Member of a team that designed, developed, optimized and debugged one piece of a multinational digital television broadcast project based in Hong Kong.  Enhanced and supported a stand alone pen driven MSAccess application.

Skills: Visual Basic 4.0, MS-Access, ODBC, Oracle

Intelligent Electronics, Denver CO        May 1994 – November 1994

Enhanced and supported a Windows application which allowed Computer Resellers to order computers.

Skills: Visual Basic 3.0, EDI

GoalTimer, Denver CO        September 1993 – May 1994

Designed and created a Microsoft Windows application based off the GoalTimer philosophy.

Skills: Visual Basic 3.0, Visual C++

Cytomation, Fort Collins CO        July 1991 – September 1993

Developed, tested and debugged a large software project that analyzed statistical information acquired from biotech scientific devices. Skills: Microsoft C

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