7AB Class Information


Teacher: Teri McGuire


Contact Information:

Email: terilmcguire@gmail.com

Phone: 917-613-6955

Teri McGuire is originally from New City, NY, a suburb of New York City. The granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, she was raised to take pride in her Judaism and contribute strongly to the community around her. Teri strengthened her Jewish identity through her involvement in United Synagogue Youth (USY) where she gained an informal Jewish education and important leadership skills. Her involvement in USY inspired her to spend a year studying and volunteering in Israel after graduating from high school. Following her gap year program, The Nativ College Leadership Program in Israel, she enrolled at Binghamton University and earned a B.A. in Judaic Studies. She is now furthering her education as a graduate student at Brandeis University in the Hornstein/NEJS dual masters program where she will be receiving a masters in Jewish Professional Leadership, and a masters in Near Eastern Judaic Studies.


Class #16 April 10, 2016

Today the 7th grade finished their parody song and other preparations for their graduation. They are so excited to share it with you next week! After their elective classes, the students supported the students who took part in the play “The Rabbi of OZ” by watching their play.


Class #15 March 20, 2016

Today the 7th grade began their day by watching the teachers’ Purim Schpiel (a funny play about the story of Purim.) They then attended the Purim Carnival where they ran a bake sale raising money for Yad Chessed, an organization which raises money for local Jewish families in need.


Class #14 March 13, 2016

Today, after writing thank you notes to our Holocaust survivor visitor from last week, we explored the book of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our fathers). We discussed important moral and ethical statements which can help guide our everyday lives. After electives, we joined the 6th grade at the legacy fair to support them in their projects.


Class #13 March 6, 2016

Today we began our day by splitting into pairs and learning more about someone in the class we did not know as well using varying icebreaker questions. We then practiced our dance for graduation, which we are excited to share! After electives and snack, we were honored to have a visit from Fred Manesse, a survivor of the Holocaust who came in to share the story of his life.


Class #12 February 28, 2016

Today we discussed the importance of respecting other’s beliefs by taking part in an activity about our opinions on the existence of aliens, miracles, magic, and other unprovable thoughts. We then used an episode of Girl Meets World to foster discussion about our own personal beliefs. We ended the day by preparing a song for graduation!


Class #11 February 7, 2016

Today we discussed our personal belief systems, and participated in an activity regarding our personal view of prayer. We also continued to work on our dance for graduation, and began to brainstorm about a song we will be writing to perform as well!


Class #10 January 24, 2016

Today we started to begin discussion on the student’s Jewish identity by playing Jewish identity barometer. We then began to prep and brainstorm for graduation by learning the beginning of a dance to be performed, and thinking of other ideas to best express the role BJEP has played in their lives.


Class #9 December 6, 2015

Today the class began to conclude their discussion of the Holocaust. We learned about transport from Ghettos to Concentration camps by analyzing a poem by Dan Pagis, titled “Written in pencil in a sealed railway car”. The students did an incredible job of reading the poem closely and sharing their thoughts on the subject. Please ask them about it!

We then watched a video describing a day in Auschwitz which had a testimonial from a survivor of the camp. After learning about liberation and life after the war, each student received a piece of paper with the name, picture, and background story of someone who experienced the Holocaust. They were asked to write a letter to that person. Next week they will get to learn what happened to their individual and we will do a small ceremony for them.


Class #8 November 22,2015

Today after a fun morning of Israeli dance and an icebreaker, the students learned about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and discussed what it means to be a hero.


Class #7 November 15, 2015

Today the students watched the movie version of The Devil’s Arithmetic, in order to compare to the book they read.


Class #6 November 8, 2015

Today we began our day with a great session of “Ask the Rabbi” with Rabbi Ari Lev. We talked about many different subjects, including the tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas and tried to answer the philosophical question “Why are we here?” After electives we came back together to learn about the Holocaust via poetry. Student were asked to write poems about their lives, and then explored different poetry which described a day of the author’s life in a Ghetto during the Holocaust.

Homework: If not completed, students should read the rest of “The Devil’s Arithmetic”. The class will be watching the movie adaptation next week in class.

Class #5 November 1, 2015

Today we spent the morning making Ya’ads with the art teacher. All of the students made a pointer they can use when reading from the Torah. After electives we learned about life in Europe before the war for Jewish people. Throughout the day we enjoyed the potluck brunch that the students contributed!

Homework: Read up to chapter 12 in Devil’s Arithmetic.


Class #4 October 25th, 2015

Today we had a very fun day! We began with music in the morning, and Morah Leah taught us three great songs with Jewish themes. We then had an “Ask the Rabbi” session with Rabbi Ari Lev, where we were able to ask some of our burning questions about Judaism and how it applies to our lives. After some fun electives, we read a story called “The Terrible Things”, an allegory of the Holocaust and discussed how important it is to learn things more deeply as we get older.

Homework: Read chapters 7,8, and 9 in The Devil’s Arithmetic. Bring in food for brunch!


Class #3 October 18th. 2015

Today we talked about the importance of knowing the stories of our family members, and living lives that we will be proud to tell our children and grandchildren about. We then discussed our family traditions in connection to the importance of traditions learned from The Devil’s Arithmetic.

Homework: Read chapter 5 and 6 in The Devil’s Arithmetic.


Class #2, October 4th, 2015

Today we played a “snow ball fight” icebreaker, where the students were able to get to know each other better by asking each other different icebreaker questions. We then watched different segments from the ABC TV show, “What would you do?” which discusses standing up for what you believe in. We then spoke about being “bystanders” and how this term connects to the Holocaust. Each of the students were then able to get a taste of the electives offered this semester, from Jews on TV to Jewish cooking, there were a lot of fun options. We ended the day by discussing our book, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and determining how it can relate to our lives. We then went outside to play a fun biblical game, before being dismissed.

One question you can ask your child is: What do you think you should do when you see someone  being mistreated? (You can watch segments from “What would you do?” with your child on Youtube!)

Important Dates: Next Sunday, October 11th we will be going to the Franklin Park Zoo!!

Homework: Students should read chapters 3 and 4 in The Devil’s Arithmetic. They were also asked to bring in a picture of someone in their family, and present about that person’s life story, as our reading of the Devil’s Arithmetic brought us to the topic of the importance of the older people in our lives, and how important it is to know them.


Class # 1, September 20th, 2015

Today in class we got to know each other, and began to discuss what 7AB will be learning about this year in BJEP. We got a taste of Music and Dance class before playing a fun game about the 613 mitzvot of the Torah. We concluded by learning we will be reading The Devil’s Arithmetic this year as a class, as an introduction into the Holocaust curriculum.

One question you can ask your child is: What is one of the 613 mitzvot?

Upcoming Important Dates:

Next week we will not have a regular class, we will be going to the farm!

Hebrew Hazara/Review:

Students should read the first two chapters of The Devil’s Arithmetic for class on October 4th.