In the recent months, Alaina has been engaged in television and  film projects.  Here are a few of the TV shows and film roles:

Longmire, Night Shift, Graves (new TV show.)

Film projects have included:

Abe Makes a Movie by Ryan Turri and Matt Peterson. Alaina plays the comic lead Marla.

Merry Maids of Madness by Philip Huges and Jenn Daugherty. Alaina is the drooling inmate Norma in this exploration of Shakespeare’s heroines set in a contemporary mental asylum.

Specter Realty by Clint Hicks. Alaina is Maureen “Mo” a quirky realtor who passes off her undesirable real estate listings to her pal.

Two Years and Eight Days by Thadd Turner.  In a rare role, Alaina plays Dee, a warm mom, who comes to her daughter’s aid in a time of crisis. This one is slated for a fall release, possibly on Hallmark Channel.


        Alaina has joined the board of the New Mexico Women in Film.

        She has just completed her first screenplay First Rights.