I want to see how google docs embedded into a google sites web site when viewed on iPad. When I last tried this the embedded doc did not display at all on my iPad.

On sites developed a year a two ago there was only partial success, the background colour did not match the same web pages when displayed on my iMac. More success was aciheved using newly created docs and non-modified google sites templates.


Lists also proved variable so I am experimenting in this document.

Now I will try the same with numbered lists.

  1. Number 1
  1. This indented item was created by simply using tab key.
  2. This is second indented item.
  1. Number 2


 The photo on the left is from my Picasa Online Web Album. However once embedded into Weebly the photo is not text wrapped, don’t yet know why.

Next I will duplicate this page and experiment using table to customise the page layout .

This sentence in italics was written by me on my iPad in docs in desktop mode.


The iMac displays the photo on the left with the text wrapped around it. On the iPad the photo is on the right with only one line aligned next to the base of the photo.


I will add the above photo and paragraph into a table to see if I can achieve more control on placement,

The photo on the left is from my Picasa Online Web Album.

I duplicated this section and experimented using table to customise the page layout .

Note photo now in correct place.

Embedding into Weebly

This is easy enough once you know how.

  1. Publish the google doc to the web.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Create html box in Weebly page.
  4. Paste the embed code from step 2.
    <iframe src=""></iframe>
  5. After <iframe add the following statements to increase size of display, of course experiment with values to achieve what you want.
  6. Publish and review.