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Morrill Student Tech Projects
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Morrill Student Tech Projects                                                                                          

Students used Thinglink to explain a concept they learned recently in another class with embedded links. This student chose to explain the performance evaluations they are asked to do for her music class.

  1. Performance Evaluations

A Greek mythology project asked students to convey information about a Greek god or goddess through autobiography. One student chose to insert autobiographical annotations about Persephone into a Google map, and another created Helen of Troy’s Instagram page.

  1. Greek Myths Autobiographical Map
  2. Prettiest Woman in the World

Students were asked to research the profession of an adult they knew, then conduct an interview, and then create a website to present their research and interview. This student created a thoughtful and well-researched site about her massage therapist, who has help her with volleyball-related injuries and soreness.

  1. Massage Therapy

This project had students research a current, cutting-edge technology, then imagine what life will be like when that technology matures for 40 years. They then presented both the current technology and the imagined future tech in a website.

  1. Human Enhancement

This grammar project was completed during an 87 minute class period. Students used the iPad app Explain Everything to show how a participial phrase can be moved within a sentence to affect style and meaning.

  1. Penguins