Keryn Seal (national GB player): Jitka, I wanted to write to you personally to thank you for all the efforts you and your team went to in organising this years addition of the tournament. Was my first experience of a BBFC, after three years of trying to get there previously. And I am so glad I was finally able to play in this tournament and experience the fantastic atmosphere that surrounds it.

Logistically this tournament ran like an absolute dream, and you with your team needs to take a special credit for this. Attention to detail in terms of all aspects were incredible. From transport, to accommodation, catering and hospitality, live commentary and audio feed for spectators, and the incredible live streaming for people around the world to see this fantastic tournament. In terms of organisation and all the aspects you had to consider, I have not experienced and IBSA tournament as well run and organised as this one. And I have played in six European Championships, two world cups, and a world games. So I take my hat off to you all.

The organisation is one thing. But the thing I think this term and should be most proud of is the atmosphere, culture, and environment that it has naturally grown. In 11 years of international football for my country I have never experienced togetherness and sportsmanship like I "saw" here this year. The games were played hard but fair. There was respects from officials to players, and respect from players to officials. And something I had never experienced in the football before, where all the players talk, laugh, drink, and share stories together in the bar afterwards. And on the day of the matches there is the same kind of togetherness and social atmosphere amongst teams. It felt very much like a festival with a serious football tournament as part of it. Quite simply it amazed me and I loved every second Jitka.

As mentioned previously I have played 11 years for my country, played 105 times for England and Great Britain, played all over the world in many countries, become a professional footballer and captained my country for over three years... But this without doubt is the highlight of my career and the most enjoyable football weekend I have spent anywhere. I have developed relationships and made new friends ships with people that Will last a lifetime. And without this tournament I would not have had these fantastic experiences. So from the very bottom of my heart I thank you and your team for everything.

Will Norman (national GB player): Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for organising such an awesome football tournament. I haven’t had that much fun playing football in years, and I know that all the other lads feel the same. It must be a huge amount of work to organise, but it’s awesome to be able to get together with people from across Europe and make time for sport, friendship, love and life. Good times indeed. I heard a rumour that you might not do it again, but I hope you do, and I hope I’m able to come. It’s an event so heart-warming and joyful that it even put a smile on the face of a tired old cynic like me! Thanks again, I hope you manage to recover soon, and I hope to see you at next year’s event (or over here next time you visit) whichever’s sooner!

Robin Williams (national GB player): Thanks once again to you for putting on such an amazing event. I can honestly say that it was the most enjoyable weekend of football I’ve had in my 8 years of playing.

Elias Mastoras (IBSA referee coordinator, Greece): I dont know how to express my thanks/ respect/ congratulations for everything I felt during this weekend!!! Ευχαριστώ μέσα από την καρδιά μου!!!!! Bučovice rocks day and night!! This is how events should be organised, thanks to people full of passion, like Jitka and everybody in Brno who share the same vision!! A high tech, friendly, professional blind football Int tournament!

Michael Piecq (referee from Belgium): It was a great tournament! You showed (as you do each year) how to organise an event. The referees are proud of being invited and Bučovice has become a statement!

Sven Gronau (FC St. Pauli keeeper): Thank you so much again for the wonderful weekend and the amazing tournament. It was a very very good experience for us to play all those international top-teams. Especially the english squad. They are so nice guys. For our youngsters it is such an unbelivable experience to play against this european top players. Rasmus told me they are his ideals. And his ideals told me they all love Rasmus… For him it´s something like playing against Beckham.

François Carcouët (referee from France): Brazilians invented blind football but the spirit of this sport is at the Bučovice Blind Football Cup ! Well done and keep going Jitka and your team!!!

Roy Turnham (GB national player): Helped cap off what was an amazing weekend of blind football. Was such a privilege to be part of it.

Mateusz Krzyszkowski (Tyniecka Krakow, Poland): We would like to thank Avoy MU Brno for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the ‪#‎BBFC2016‬. It was an big honor for us to be a part of this fantastic tournament! We would like to thank and congratulate to teams we had a chance to play. We are proud that we could play with the best clubs. We are still impressed by the level of organization and atmosphere during the cup. Sorry we couldn’t stay at the closing ceremony - I’m jealous of this fantastic group photo! Many thanks to referees for a very good judging and volunteers who have always served to help. Many thanks to all! We hope that we will play at such a great tournament again!

Wolf Schimdt (FC St. Pauli head coach): THANKS you for organizing such a great Tournament. Time was passing so quickly, that now, after thinking and leting everry thing pass by in mind, all the richness of fine detaills and QUALITY of your Tournament is poping up up like pearls on a necklace, amazing!!!

Petr Hladík (Teiresiás): By the way, the live broadcasting from Bučovice was a sensational idea - for the first time in my life, I was able to experience the most popular Czech sport: watching a football match on the settee holding a bottled beer. Thanks for that. My only observation regarding the streaming goes to my internet provider (O2) who failed me in the first half (I believe some protocol must have got messed up since the rest of the transfer was fine) so I had to finish watching it, quite comfortably, on my phone. The first Sunday morning match was a special experience. Both squads were showing signs of last evening’s / night’s fatigue and the presenters were missing so that I could catch all sounds from the pitch and the benches. Sometimes I regretted not being able to hear these background noises in further matches, even though the presenters were exceptional, of course. But don’t get me wrong! It was my fault I could not attend this time the event in the flesh. So good luck also next time.

Jana Baštová (a fan from Bučovice primary school at Školní 710): YOU and YOU ALL are the best of the best at putting on such superb events.

Nico Cavallotto (Liguria Calcio Non Vedenti): Great service for the blind football movement. I thank you so much for having worked so hard to make all this happen. We enjoyed a lot all the beautiful people and your hospitality.

Natascha Theys (Anderlecht navigator): It was really nice for us to be there with all of you. Since Monday, I want to go back to Czech Republic and make it over again, it was so cool! Czech people and Czech spirit (and your unspeakable but beautiful language) are also special for me. I came two times to Bučovice, and both times were unique experiences. So thank you for making the spirit of blind football that special to all of us! Was it the last time for Bučovice Blind Football Cup? (because you said in your mail : "if ever again...") I hope to see you soon and your team too! I don't know when nor where, but I hope we will make it somehow. Thanks a lot for what you do and the love and time you give to blind football, it's really beautiful to see and feel. I hope we will (one day) organize some international tournament in Belgium and your tournament will be an example for us. We will try to make it even good as Bučovice, but it wont be easy ;-)

Stefan Groenveld (phototaker of FC St. Pauli): Thanks again for all the effort you put in this tournament again. It was a blast! Again! :)

Giancarlo Di Malta (Liguria Calcio Non Vedenti coach): Grazie Jitka un grazie di cuore e complimenti per l'entusiasmo e la passione sincera a presto.

Katja Löffler (FC St. Pauli player): Thank you again for this wonderful tournament and for the really really brilliant organisation. It is always a pleasure to be invited and it´s really the best, nicest tournament that ever existed in blind football. I do hope I have the possibility to come back. And I hope of course it will be next year!

Chris Eillers (Anderlecht player): Thanks and massive congratulations again for this wonderful tourney! We shall come back stronger, I´m dreaming of the day when the final will be Brno Anderlecht :). Nex year weŕe owning the English I promise!

Peter Goessmann (Blista Marburg coach): Thank you for the great tournament in Bučovice, my team did enjoy it very much!


Andrew Rodens (Anderlecht player): It was an amazing weekend in Bučovice! Thanks to the organizers, the participants (players, coaches, guides,...), the referees and all the volunteers!! You all did an incredible work. Blind football is a beautiful "lesson" of passion, bravery, share and a lot of other values. A thousand thanks you to Avoy MU Brno, Jitka and her teammates ! ;-)