Refugee and Migrant Solidarity


Strategic Document


1        Our Vision        

2        Mission Statement        

3        What We Do        2

4        Values which underpin our organisation        3

5        Structure and Organisation        4

5.1        Decision Making        4

5.2        Roles        5

Our Vision

We believe in an inclusive intercultural Ireland in which all people are welcome and human rights are fully protected and defended. As a nation we maintain the communal memory of our own history of migration, standing in solidarity with all migrants and valuing their contribution to the development of a diverse, vibrant and sustainable future Irish society

In our vision Ireland’s asylum and immigration legislation and practices are welcoming, humane, peaceful, fair, timely, and transparent.

Mission Statement

We will use grass roots initiatives to promote a humane and human rights based response to the needs of asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants,and to challenge exclusionary and discriminatory practices, including direct provision and deportation.

What We Do

We provide active leadership to

We campaign to support the rights of all migrantsto:

Our activities include:

Values which Underpin our Organisation

Solidarity: To us this means taking action side by side with all people who havebeen displaced from their home of origin

Accessible: We will ensure that avenues for getting involved are clear and supported, and that public information is streamlined and up-to-date.

Inclusive: We will actively welcome members from all backgrounds and encourageparticipation from migrants and refugees, whose voices, needs and wishes are core to our work.

Non hierarchical: We aim to organise our work in an inclusive manner, including rotating positions, open debate, active inclusion of members in decision-making in autonomous working groups and consensus decision-making on strategic issues

Transparency: Our policies, minutes and the way in which we spend money will be publically available and easy to access

Integrity: We will do what we say we will do, we use our resources efficiently in order to achieve our mission and we are thoughtful in who we accept support from.

Learning from others: We acknowledge the work being done in Ireland and we hope to collaborate with and learn from other expertise

Safety: We aim to support people to be safe when working with us, as far as is practically possible.

Structure and Organisation

We will organise our work around regular meetings and a flexible working group structure as shown in the diagram below:

There will be a number of rotating roles. There will be a facilitator and a note-keeper, which will be rotated each meeting. Finance and Communications will be rotated on a 6 monthly basiswith a shadowing process to support transfer of roles and continuity of work. The specific duties and guidelines of each role can be found in subsequent sections.

Decision Making

Our decision making process will strive to be as inclusive as possible, and it will be based around consensus and non-majoritarian principles. There will be a distinction between operational decisions, which can be made by working groups and are to be reported to the wider membership, and strategic decisions, which can be made collectively at the group meetings and which can be called to the review by the wider membership in Basecamp. Should there be a call to review a strategic decision the discussion will be re-opened at the following meeting.

Whether a decision is of strategic importance can be determined collectively at the group meetings.

Modified Borda Count (preferendum) can be usedif consensus can´t be reached on a decision, subject to the group consent.

  1. Meetings

Meetings will take place fortnightly, alternating the days so as to facilitate all members to participate. This is the space for:

  1. Coordination and planning of activities
  2. Group decisions on matters of strategic importance
  3. Autonomous working groups to feedback progress
  4. Proposals to be raised by members
  1. Roles


Before the meeting

During the Meeting

After the meeting



The Finance group will administer the accounts in a manner which ensures accountability and transparency.

How we ensure accountability:

Bank account: to be opened for the group

Financial reporting/Transparency:

All receipts to be retained
All financial reports to be posted on website

Requests for funding can be made at the group meetings or, if urgent, publicly on Basecamp. These will be subject to the agreed decision-making processes.

Significant expenditure decisions will be proposed on Basecamp and decided on in a meeting thereafter where there are at least five attendees. Financial decisions over €50 are considered strategic decisions.

Communications Team


The maintenance of the email will be administered by one person, who will report updates to the group via Basecamp.


The website is envisioned to be relatively static and won´t need regular updating. Our ongoing online presence will be through Social Media.

Social Media

Our Social Media presence will be concentrated primarily on a Facebook page, in the group´s name and administered by the communications team.

Social Media should ideally be updated regularly and in a manner which is true to the group´s identity. The following are some guidelines to good Social Media posting:

  1. Posts will achieve most reach if they are sent out when most followers are online (7am-9am/ 9pm-10pm)
  2. Posts with videos and pictures will generally be most effective. Try to avoid posting text only.
  3. Reciprocity is important for effective Social Media use, so try to share posts from other likeminded groups. They will be more likely to share your posts in the future. This is also a simple way to build relationships.