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Dear Lincoln School Families,

Welcome to Lincoln Aquatics!

The Physical Education department at Lincoln School is thrilled to offer world-class aquatics programs in a world-class facility that contains a heated, salt-water 25-meter swimming pool. Swimming is a lifelong skill and our primary objective is that all Lincoln School students will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to be both safe and competent in and around the water. The swimming and water safety programs, as well as our pool rules at Lincoln School have been designed to promote these values and can be viewed here:

Physical Education Program

Physical Education students at Lincoln School will be pre-assessed in the water to determine their current level of competency in relation to the benchmarks outlined in the swimming and water safety outcomes document. Based on these assessments, each swimmer will be given a color-coded swim cap that indicates their current level of attainment. Those returning will continue to wear the same color-coded swim cap that they completed last year with. Students will move through the levels at an individualized pace, and their progress will be recognized with a new color-coded swim cap.

Learn to Swim

Beyond our PE classes, students that are new to swimming, or still in the early stroke development phases, can join our Learn-to-Swim classes. Typically, we have younger students join the Learn-to-Swim sessions (grades 1-5), which take place a minimum of two times per week. The same cap system as our PE program applies to our Learn-to-Swim program, with classes taking place during the weekdays and during our Sunday Morning Swim School. Our teacher to student ratio is 1 to 5 or better, with all our Swim Teachers earning the AUSTSWIM teaching certification.


Snow Leopard Cubs Swim Club

This program is offered to Elementary students who have achieved PINK cap or above in our swimming and water safety levels. The focus of this club is technique development with swimmers looking to improve their skills in the four competitive strokes, as well as their starts, turns and finishes. Classes are held three days a week from 3.15-4.00 pm. These swimmers can also participate in our Sunday Learn-to-Swim school.

Lincoln Swim Club:

Strong to elite swimmers in grades 5-12 are welcome to tryout for and compete on the Lincoln School Swimming Team. Swimmers can train up to eight sessions a week including dry-land workouts. Sessions include a strong mix of technique work, as well as training the aerobic, anaerobic and phospo-creatine energy systems. Olympic and World Championship swimmers have been nurtured and trained in our school program, where swimmers train up to 5 km per session. Competitions during the season include local meets, the National Championships, Dual Meets with AES-New Delhi, the Lincoln School Invitational Swimming Championships, and the season’s culminating meet - the SAISA Championships, which Lincoln School hosted and won in 2016.

Our school swimming records can be found here:


Although we will be providing the swim caps and training equipment, each swimmer must bring the following:

Supervision and Medical Issues

The aquatics facility will be supervised at all times while students are in and around the pool area. Five of our staff members are AUSTSWIM certified teachers of swimming and water safety and at least one will always be present during all swim classes and sessions. It is expected that each individual participates in every swimming class. If a student suffers from any short or long term medical condition that may impact their ability to participate in swimming (i.e. asthma, heart conditions, strains or sprains, etc.), the teacher/coach must have knowledge and written documentation of the condition signed by a parent. We need this information for our own records, so we can understand a student's given condition. Appropriate alternative plans will be created for students with health concerns or injury.

Again, we are proud of our swimming pool and aquatics programs. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Luke Davis at Please note that you are welcome to come and observe our aquatics program at any time.

See you at the pool!

Lincoln School Physical Education Department