What is Word Corp?

Founded in 2010, Word Corp is an American-operated professional translation service and language consultancy based in Taiwan that seeks to connect East with West through language and exchange.  

Why Taiwan?

Seated between China and America, Taiwan serves as both a literal and figurative connection between East and West.  Taiwan not only retains the most traditional roots of Chinese culture, but also embodies a rich colonial history that has prompted its development into an amalgamation of diverse cultures and languages.

What is Wordcorp.net?

Wordcorp.net is a site through which users may place, purchase, and keep track of orders for document translation service from Word Corp.  To improve user experience, the site itself will be continuously updated with new functions, designs, tools, and services.  Please be sure to stay tuned for new announcements and any changes to the Terms of Service.  

How is the word count for my projects calculated?  

Wordcorp employs a very conservative approach to counting the words in your document(s):

For English to Chinese service, only English words are included in the word count; punctuations, symbols, and numbers are excluded.  

For Chinese to English service, only Han characters and the following symbols listed below are counted:


What types of documents does Wordcorp.net support?

Currently, Wordcorp.net’s automated quoting system only supports text-based documents, such as .doc, .docx, .rtf and .txt.  When uploading other types of documents, your project will be instantly directed to our Project Manager, who will provide you with a quote to the email address you provide.

If I have text embedded within a picture image, will that be translated?

No. Since text within a picture image cannot be distinguished by the system, they will not be included in the word count, price, or translation.  If you have text within a picture image that you would like translated, please manually type them as text within your document to ensure their translation.

Why is the delivery date for my project only an estimation?

The delivery date you receive is an automated estimation of the time required to complete a thorough translation based purely on your project’s word count.  Since the content of some documents may be more technical than others, the length of time required may surpass the estimated delivery date.  However, please note that the majority of translations are completed and delivered at a time before their estimated delivery dates. 

How are translations conducted?  Is there an editing process?

All translations by Word Corp are conducted purely by qualified native-language personnel. Before delivery, each translation is thoroughly reviewed by a professional editor to ensure that it captures the meaning of the original text in a grammatically correct format.  

How would I report any issues with a translation?

If you notice any problems in the translation, please highlight the section(s), leave a helpful comment, and send the document to 1NTWord@gmail.com.   Our editors will review and make any appropriate revisions within a 48 hour period.  You will be notified via email once the revisions are complete.  Please be aware that if you do not report an issue within a week after the project is delivered, it will be considered a finished project.  After that time, Wordcorp will have the discretion to refuse requests for any further reviews and revisions.

What types of issues will be considered for revision?

Issues regarding grammar and translation will be considered for revision.  However, Word Corp translators and editors may choose to ignore requests for any stylistic changes.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Refunds and cancellations will not be allowed once a translator has started on your project.  You may check the status of your project in your dashboard.  If you would like to cancel a translation that has not yet been translated, please email 1NTWord@gmail.com

How is my personal information used by Word Corp?

Your personal information will only be used by Word Corp for the purposes of providing its translation services.  Your personal information will never be provided to any third-party entities without your written or expressed consent.  

I am interested in working as a translator or editor for Word Corp.  How do I apply?

To become a registered translator or editor for Word Corp, all interested applicants who are legally permitted to work in Taiwan may e-mail a short introduction to us at 1NTWord@gmail.com.  Depending on the position you are seeking, you will be asked to complete one to two tests that gauge your 1) understanding of the content and language of an original text and 2) ability to express that content through an accurate and grammatically correct translation.  After submission, your sample will be carefully reviewed.  Please allow 3 business days for a reply on whether you have been approved for registration.

Why must I be legally permitted to work in Taiwan to apply for Word Corp?  

For now, Word Corp is a translation service based only in Taiwan.  As a result, the translators and editors we employ must be legally permitted to work in Taiwan.  These conditions will change in the near future as we continue to expand our scope of operations.  Please stay tuned.

I have successfully registered as a translator/editor for Word Corp.  What now?

Once you have registered as a translator or editor, you will be granted the appropriate permissions. You will start receiving emails notifying you of new cases that have been uploaded.  By logging into your dashboard, you may review the details of the case as well as preview the document(s) before assigning yourself to them.  Once you have successfully assigned yourself to a project, you may proceed with the translation.  Please note that you will not be able to see cases that have already been taken by other translators/editors.

What happens if I am late with delivering a translation or editing project?

Before you assign yourself to a project, you should review its details very carefully, particularly its delivery date and word count.  We expect all our translators/editors to make sure that they will be able to complete and submit projects by their designated delivery dates.  If you believe that you will not be able to complete an assigned project by the designated delivery date, please email 1NTWord@gmail.com immediately so that we may take appropriate action.  Word Corp employs a zero-tolerance policy for any translator/editor who misses their deadline without providing any prior notice.  Please be sure to keep track of all your assigned cases.  

Hypothetically, what happens if I intentionally do a rushed, careless job with my project?  Who will notice?

Word Corp places the responsibility of ensuring the quality of work solely on the translator/editor team for each project.  After the delivery of a project, customers will have a 168 hour period to review and report any issues with the translation.  If the customer does not report any issues within that period, or chooses to click on “Approve” for the project, the fees for that project will be released to the translator/editor team on the next payout date.  However, if the customer reports an issue, the translator/editor team will be responsible for making the appropriate revisions within a 48 hour period.

What types of issues should I consider for revision?

Issues regarding grammar and translation should be considered for revision.  However, Word Corp translators and editors may choose to heed requests for any stylistic changes at their discretion.

How would I get paid for translations that I have completed and submitted?

You will receive accrued payments to a designated bank account of your choice on the 1st of every month for all your work approved between the 21 - 20 of the previous two months.  For example, you would be paid for all your work that was approved between January 21 to February 20 on March 1.