The four clubs of New England would like to challenge you to expand your local bubble, and bring your club spirit and camaraderie to a regional set of races this season. There will be four Challenge races, and the best three of four will count toward your New England ranking.  The four hosting clubs are the New England Orienteering Club (NEOC), the Western Connecticut Orienteering Club (WCOC), Up North Orienteers (UNO), and the Cambridge Sports Union (CSU).


4/10/16 NEOC: Cemetery Hill, Northampton MA

5/15/16 WCOC: Sessions Woods, Burlington CT

6/19/16 UNO: Harris Center, Hancock NH

11/6/16 CSU: Long Pond, Medford MA


The four days of racing will take place over the course of the season, and the format of each event may vary, depending on how that particular club chooses to run the race. You can race any of the available courses, and your result will still count toward your overall individual ranking and the club competition.


The best three of four races will count toward your overall New England ranking. The scores will be based off of the attackpoint points system.  Because this system is fairly robust across all classes, it is a “course-blind” system to rank runners, meaning that you can run a course that doesn’t correspond to your age class and still get a ranking for that race. If there are multiple races at one Challenge event, the average attackpoint score will be used as that event’s score.  


Awards will be given out by gender and age, regardless of which courses are run.  There will be ten classes in all:  M20-and-under, M21-39, M40-49, M50-59, M60-and-up, F20-and-under, F21-39, F40-49, F50-59, F60-and-up.  The club competition will be settled based on a combination of individual rankings and a participation metric. Prizes to be determined.


Results will be posted on attackpoint.com after the completion of each event, as well as on individual clubs’ websites.


About the N.E. Challenge format: Contact Ian Smith, Phil Bricker, or Alex Jospe.

About individual races: see information on club websites: www.neoc.org; http://www.faculty.fairfield.edu/rdewitt/wcoc/; www.upnoor.org; www.csu.attackpoint.com.