The Question of Inclusion in the Digital Humanities

A partial and perhaps idiosyncratic collection of links

by George H. Williams

Originally created for the 2013 Digital Humanities Symposium at Appalachian State University on April 5, 2013

Last updated on April 5, 2013

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Starting places

Start using Twitter

“How to Start Tweeting (and Why You Might Want To),” by Ryan Cordell

Go to (or organize) a THATCamp meeting

“The ‘Unconference’: Technology Loosens Up the Academic Meeting,” by Jennifer Howard

Join DH Questions and Answers

“Announcing Digital Humanities Questions & Answers (@DHAnswers),” by Julie Meloni

Join DH Commons

“DHCommons Launches for All Users,” by Ryan Cordell

Browse Bamboo DiRT

“How to Find the Best Tool for the Job,” by Seth Denbo

Explore DevDH

Learn more about Creative Commons licensing

“About” Creative Commons

Tinker with HTML

HTML = language of the web, and learning even just a little about how it works is useful

Tinker with WordPress

WordPress is a pretty user-friendly tool for creating web sites.

Start a site, or

Install your own site on your own server


“Getting Started in the Digital Humanities,” by Lisa Spiro

“Divided and Conquered: How Multivarious Isolation is Suppressing Digital Humanities Scholarship,” by Rebecca Frost Davis and Quinn Dombrowski

Debates in the Digital Humanities, ed by Matthew K. Gold

Challenging the Digital Humanities