Family Jobs

Teacher’s Assistant

  • Helps teacher with everything and anything
  • Is my right hand man or woman
  • Holds doors
  • Records class points
  • Takes roll to the office
  • Line leader
  • Sits on the interview panel in order to hire people for jobs
  • Pays and fines people for red lights and green lights

Job Monitor

  • Monitors people during job time
  • Sits on the interview panel in order to hire people for jobs
  • Helps determine if people needs raises
  • Finds the perfect job for people
  • Helps head banker with payment on Fridays

Head Banker

  • Is in charge of the bank
  • Manages all the accountants
  • Keeps money organized
  • Develops systems for money
  • Pays people
  • Fines people
  • Helps in the class store
  • Pays people their salaries on fridays

Needs to be…

  • super responsible
  • Kind
  • Attentive
  • Honest
  • Dedicated

Needs to be…

  • Responsible
  • Dedicated
  • Loving and kind
  • Understand people
  • Excellent communicator
  • Honest

Needs to be…

  • Excellent with money
  • Able to count money; cash and coins
  • Dependable
  • Can manage others
  • Fantastic communicator

Accountants and Store Managers

  • Are responsible for keeping the money organized
  • Pay people
  • Fine people
  • Are in charge of running the class store


  • Dusts the top of all surfaces
  • Makes sure to dust around and near technology
  • Uses wipes or cleaner to dust
  • Cleans window sills
  • Cleans on top of book shelves

Plant Waterer

  • Waters all the plants inside
  • Waters all plants outside especially the lavender
  • Makes sure to avoid overwatering
  • Makes sure to avoid spilling
  • Uses the 1 cup measuring cup to measure out water daily

Needs to be…

  • Honest
  • Able to count money; cash and coins

Needs to be…

  • Organized
  •  Cleanly
  • Reliable

Needs to be…

  • Responsible
  • Careful
  • Consistent

Floor Monitors

  • Picks up all trash on the ground and throws it away
  • May need to sweep
  • May need to vaccuum
  • Stacks extra chairs at round tables
  • Makes sure people stack their chairs
  • Fines people when they don’t stack their chairs

Desk Inspector

  • Inspects people’s desk
  • Write names on board for people to clean desks at recess
  • Teaches people how to organize their desk
  • Wipes the desks during jobs

Security Guard

  • Inspects students for gum in their mouths before going outside
  • Secures the red lights and green lights to make sure that students don’t touch
  • Secures the exits to make sure students don’t leave
  • Monitors people going to the bathroom
  • Enforces common dress

Needs to be…

  • Responsible

Needs to be…

  • Needs to be organized
  • Responsible
  • Fair
  • Organized

Needs to be…

  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Tough
  • Consistent
  • Fair

Technology Manager

  • Manages the Geek Squad
  • Fixes computers when not working properly
  • Plugs teacher into presentation devices
  • Helps other students when they are struggling
  • Can keep the computer cart organized
  • Plugs and unplugs the computers in carefully

Geek Squad

  • Is able to follow directions from the technology manager
  • Know about computers and how to use them
  • Takes out and puts away computers everyday
  • Can keep the computer cart organized
  • Plugs and unplugs the computers in carefully


  • Monitors people checking out books
  • Keeps the library neat and organized
  • Makes sure students are following the check-in and check-out systems
  • Helps people check-out books

Needs to be…

  • Good with technology
  • Know google apps
  • Understand chromebooks
  • Master of technology
  • Is an excellent leader
  • Can give clear directions

Needs to be…

  • Observant
  • Organized
  • efficient

Needs to be…

  • Holds people accountable
  • Organized
  • Responsible


  • Fixes things that are broken
  • Notices when things become broken


  • Records important dates on the calendar; like days off, or field trips, or assemblies
  • Creates a new calendar at the beginning of every month
  • Asks other students’ birthdays and records on calendar

Paper and Materials Manager

  • Stacks extra chairs during jobs
  • Hands out paper
  • Hands out other learning materials
  • Is responsible for organizing learning materials
  • Puts out materials and paper when running low

Needs to be…

  • Is handy
  • Observant

Needs to be…

  • Organized
  • Excellent with dates
  • Creative
  • Neat Handwriting

Needs to be…

  • Observant
  • Organized

Classroom and POD Organizer

  • Organizes the classroom
  • Clean up any messes on the counters, tables
  • Erases the homework names off the board
  • Files important papers in student folders

Needs to be…

  • Organized
  • Clean
  • Observant
  • Helpful
  • Resourceful
  • Amazing reader