The Three Little Guinea Pigs and the Big Bad Pie.

By Rhys.

Once  upon a time there was a family of 7 guinea pigs, three were moving out. They were Angel ,Co Conut and Harriot. Angel wanted to build a candy house, Co Conut wanted to build a house out of pizza,

Harriot wanted to build a house out of fur.

Time went by and Co Conut moved in, then Harriot, then Angel moved into their own house. Suddenly they heard a boom crash, it was the big bad pie. He was very hungry so he went to the candy house and he gobbled it up and Angel ran to Co Conut’s house and went inside the big bad pie came to the pizza and gobbled up the pizza house. So Angel and Co Conut ran to Harriot’s house, the Big bad pie came to the fur house. It went to bite the fur house but the fuzziness was too much so he ran away and they lived happily ever after the end.

The End.