Dear participant,

the present document explains the Erasmus selection procedure and the eligibility criteria.

Please note:

  1. The participants will be summoned for interviews through the institution’s website with at least a 24-hour notice. Optionally it will also be done by mail but the webpage information prevails.
  2. The absence of a participant on a call procedure will lead to his/her disqualification.
  3. Only properly sealed and signed documents will be accepted. Documentation         must be valid until 31st of August, 2016. Each document must always be submitted in digital format: it must be scanned and properly copied to the link that has been sent in the registration procedure for documentation submission.  


  1. Final destinations of participants are likely to change for reasons beyond our control.
  2. All times are GMT+1.
  3. The absence of any of the documentation required will lead to disqualification from the process
  4. The participant must arrive 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the interview. The participant's absence at the time of the interview will lead to disqualification from the process.


VET (Vocational Education and Training)


HE (Higher Education)

Teachers VET (Vocational Education and Training)

Teachers HE (Higher Education)







* Scanned and updated in the Google Drive shared folder




  In order to be approved the CV must contain at least the following:

  • Name and Surname
  • Home Address, Personal Email, Phone Number
  • Date of birth
  • Studies (what the candidate is studying at the moment)
  • Spoken Foreign languages
  • Summarizing: the cv must look like this one, or this one.

  • Personal Statement in English and to be approved by Mundus.                                 
  • Copy of the “Travel documents” (ID card or passport + residence ID for foreigners)                        

Personal         statement


(Max 10 pt)


A document written by the participant with a personal introduction, the expression of his/her motivation and a justification for his/her eligibility, to be uploaded to the documentation delivery folder. The selection committee will especially appreciate originality, motivation and openness. The format is open. (10 pt)



(Max 10 pt)


Language certificates:


A1 and A2 => (1 pt)


B1=> (2 pt)


B2 => (3 pt)


C1 and C2 => (4 pt)


Optionally the departments of languages of the participating institutions or         Mundus can translate other certificates to this scale or validate the language competence in the following languages:


  • English                
  • French        
  • German                
  • Italian                
  • Portuguese                        

Institutions’         internal criteria


(Max 10 pt)


Each of the participating institutions will establish their own         criteria to measure the participant’s commitment.

Institut Les vinyes (up to 10 pts)

Regular         attendance +1 pts

Absence of offenses +1pts

Compromise in the classroom +2pts

Maturity and autonomy: +3pts

Openness: +3pts


Institut Puig Castellar (up to 10 pts)

1st year completed:  +3 pts

2nd year completed: +1 pts        

Excellent attendance:  + 2pts                        

Regular         attendance:  +1 pts                

Helped in the scholarship day: +1 pts

Participation in the planned activities: +3pts

Participation in an international exchange program: +4

Enrolled on a language course: (EOI, Mas fonollar,...): +1

The participant creates a positive environment in the school and in the class: +2


Institut La Bastida (up to 10 pts)

Regular attendance +1 pts

Absence of offenses +1pts

Compromise in the classroom +2pts

Maturity and autonomy: +3pts

Openness: +3pts

Academic         certificates and marks


(Max 10 pt)


Last year’s marks:


  • For new students: certificate of marks of 4th ESO/Batxillerat or score of the entrance exam.

  • For students of the institution: Certificate of last year’s marks         with the hours of each learning unit (“unitats formatives”)

Extra academic certificates        


(Max 10 pt)



  • CFGM (2 pt)        


  • CFGS (4 pt)

  • Batxillerat (4 pt)


  • University degree (6 pt)                        




(Max 10 pt)



The selection committee will consider the candidate’s suitability         mainly taking these into account:


  • Open Mindedness


  • Motivation


  • Adaptability


  • Other

For more info feel free to contact the Erasmus coordinator of each VET center:


General info: