a partnership exhibition in multiple parts

curated by R. Subtler

David Bodhi Boylan

Teo Camporeale

Kevin Andrew Curran

MaryKate Maher

JJ Manford

Tracy Thomason

Saturday, July 29 5pm


Once upon a time/ a great force compelled/ the earth to coalesce.

And in wake of that force/ just happened to be/        .

“Ready?”  boomed thunder./  “Ready? For what?”/ came the reply./ “Oh, I see, you don’t know, do you.../

You’ll carry, you’ll contain,/ you may spill, you may…”/ “Oh. but when?”


And after some time: “For now…”/ And so on with questions/ (Why? How come? What for?)/ For many moons/

until it was decided/ some rite, some rhyme, some ritual/ Would need to be/ conjured to convey/ its truth./


And so — with alabaster glazes; gold flocked, and brimming with empty/

The vessel would retire/ into fire/ and/ finally/ begin/ to/ hold.

Hilary Baldwin

Paula Hayes

Oliver Jones

Amy Lincoln

Elisa Soliven

Saturday, August 26 5pm

Community Room 281 Main St, Cairo, NY 12413

Photography: James Ewing