LyreAB’s Stat Guide

The Different Stats

Builds and Stats

This guide is meant to help you understand the different stats in the game, as well as when they are important and how much they cost.

The guide is split into several sections.  The first section talks about the different stats, and where you can go to see them.  It also talks about Stat Points and how much it costs to raise each stat.  The second section talks about builds, and how these stats relate to them.

The Different Stats

There are six stats in DotD, as shown in the picture below.  These are Attack, Defense, Health, Energy, Stamina, and Percept or Perception.  To the right side are two other numbers, LSI and BSI.

Attack is a measure of how much damage you will do.  Defense is a measure of how little damage you will take.  Health is a measure of how much damage you CAN take.  Energy is a measure of how much questing you can do.  Stamina is a measure of how much raiding you can do.  Perception is a measure of how lucky you will be at getting special additional loot drops while questing.  

In addition, there is a seventh stat that is now shown with the +/- purchase buttons, Honor.  Honor is a measure of how much Guild activities you can do.

The picture below shows your current and maximum Health, Energy, Stamina, and Honor represented as bars.

The other two numbers, LSI and BSI, represent Leveling Speed Index and Battle Strength Index.  LSI is a measure of how quickly you will level up, and is determined by adding your base Energy to twice your base Stamina and dividing by your level.  BSI is a measure of how well you will do in PvP, and is determined by adding your base Attack to your base Defense and dividing by your level.  Which means that your LSI and BSI will decrease every level unless you add SP to the relevant stats.

In order to raise a stat, you need to spend Stat Points, or SP, on them.  The base cost to raise Attack, Defense, Perception, and Energy is 1 SP per point.  The base cost to raise Health is 1 SP per 5 points.  The base cost to raise Stamina is 2 SP per point.  Your base Honor is equal to your level and cannot be raised by spending SP.  

The cost to raise Energy and Stamina stays the same regardless of how high they are raised.  However, once you hit level 100, there is a maximum that you can raise them to, which is an LSI of 7, or a total base Energy + 2*Stamina equal to 7 times your level.

The cost to raise all other stats increases once you have spent 10,000 SP on them (in other words have 10,001 or more in a stat, except for Health which increases at 5 per SP).  After that point, the cost increases to 2 SP per point (again except for health which increases in increments of 5).  The cost increases every 1500 points after that, so at 11,501 it increases to 3 SP per point, and so on.  At 25,001 and above the cost increases by every 1000 points instead of every 1500, so the next cost increase will be at 26,001, then at 27,001, etc.

The cost to raise stats also decreases by one at level 1500, and by 1 every 500 levels after that, to a minimum cost of 1 SP.

Builds and Stats

There are a number of different common character builds, each with its own priorities for stats.  The four major types are Quest Builds, Raid Builds, Leveling Builds, and PvP Builds.

The Quest Build is for those whose primary goal is questing, and is also called the Energy build.  This build maximizes the Energy stat at the cost of Stamina (since questing is based on Energy, and both are capped by LSI).  Exact ratios vary, with some advocating a 3:2 ratio of Energy to Stamina, and some advocating a 5:1 ratio.  Very few go with a 7:0 ratio.  A 5:1 ratio gives you a hefty amount of Energy while still affording you stamina to hit raids with.  The benefit to a Quest build is that you can do a lot of damage to World Raids and Event Raids, since you have more bars to work with.  The drawback is that you don’t have as much Stamina to hit regular raids with and you earn xp slower than other builds will.  

For Quest Builds, Attack and Defense are less of a priority than Perception.  For questing, the damage you do to Bosses and Random Encounters is capped based on the zone/area, so having a high Attack doesn’t help you.  Likewise, the amount of damage you take from a quest Boss or Random Encounter can’t go below 1, so having a high Defense will only help to a point as well.  Generally, increasing Attack and Defense to the point where you are hitting those caps is a good goal, possibly with increasing them a bit beyond in preparation for the next zone or difficulty.  This leaves Perception, which is very important for Quest builds.  Since Perception determines both the frequency of special Perception loot drops and the quality of those drops, having a higher perception is to your benefit.

The Raid Build is similar to the Quest build, but oriented towards hitting Raids.  It is also called the Stamina build because of this.  Again, exact ratios vary, but 1:3 is the most common with some actually doing 0:3.5 (increasing 3 stamina one level and saving the SP for the next level, where stamina is increased by 4).  Like the Quest build, the benefit is being able to hit more of your desired target without sacrificing the other.  The benefit to a Raid build is that you are able to hit more raids, which can get you more SP than questing, and can therefore help you increase your other stats faster.  Because Stamina gives more xp per hit than energy, Raid Builds also level faster.  The drawback is that you have less Energy for questing, which can make getting quest specific goals completed slower.

Raid Builds prioritize Attack over Defense.  This is because for raiding, Attack contributes 4x as much to damage than Defense does.  General recommendations for Raid builds are to increase Attack first until it reaches 2 SP per point, then increase Defense.  Some also advocate continuing to increase Attack until the cost reaches 4x the cost of Defense, since you will still be getting more raid damage per SP invested up to that point.

Perception is only invested in by Raid Builds if they have points to spare or if you use Clockwork equipment, as those pieces gain extra damage on their procs for high Perception.

Leveling Builds are geared towards the rapid accumulation of xp.  This means investing in Stamina like a Raid Build, since Stamina gives the best xp return.

The difference between a Leveling Build and a Raid build is in the priority for the other stats.  Since the key to this build is getting the most xp, there is no special priority to Attack, Defense, and Perception.  Attack and Defense are generally increased like a Quest build, with the goal of getting to the higher zones, where the xp return for questing is higher than the xp return for hitting Energy based raids or World/Event raids.  Perception is also generally increased like a Quest build with the goal of getting the special Golden Garden and Panoptica drops from special quest loot, since they have hefty increases to Energy and Stamina.

PvP Builds focus on increasing Attack and Defense, and Health, over other stats.  These builds generally go for more Stamina than Energy, even though Stamina gives a higher xp return and PvP builds tend to want slower leveling.  The reason for this is that Stamina generally gives a better SP return because of Glyph farming (see a Raids Guide for more on Glyph or SP farming).

Since PvP depends on BSI, Attack and Defense are valued equally, as is Health.  Perception is only important in that higher perception can get you higher quality Books of Knowledge, which are a good source of quest SP, and can be much better than the SP gotten from craftable loot from questing.