QR Scavenger Hunt ~ _________________


Choose a topic in one of your classes. After choosing your topic,  you will be creating QR codes for that topic.  You will search for 3 different websites that will give you information about topic and then create questions for students/teachers to answer about that website.


QR Codes for the Content

1.  Create the QR codes for each of the stations using a QR generator.  We used http://www.qrstuff.com/ . You can create a QR code to a website, YouTube video, text, etc.  

2.  Copy the QR codes onto a Google Doc (or word processor).  It is a good idea to have the link above the QR code so you know where it goes.    

3.  Print the QR codes and put them on paper.

4.  Create 3 questions for the students to answer for each of the websites.  

5.  Students will answer questions on a Google Form for their findings that you have created.

6.  Students will use ______________ to document their findings by typing their discoveries throughout the QR Hunt.


QR Codes for Scavenger Hunt Clues

1.  Create another set of QR codes that are hints to the next QR code.  The QR code could can be as simple as, “Go to where you eat lunch!”

2.  Print these codes and label them hint 1, hint 2, and hint  3.  Put them on construction paper.

3.  The last hint should be at the teacher’s room  that  is studying that topic.


Apps for Kids

1.  _____________________ - Take notes and answer the questions

2.  _____________________ - Write a narration with information

3.  _____________________ - scan each QR code for information on our topic.



1. Hang the codes around the school. Each station will have two QR codes, one that goes to the content and one that is a clue to the next code.