World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Chieftan of the Blackrock clan and the first Warchief of the old Horde, Blackhand was a brutal tyrant, brilliant tactician and ruthless leader.

Seen by Gul’dan as an easily molded ambitious orc, it was hardly surprising when Blackhand came to lead all of his people on Draenor with the help of the old warlock. He would eventually stand with Gul’dan in drinking the blood of Mannoroth, cursing his people for a time.

After leading the Horde through the Dark Portal, defeat at the hands of the Alliance left the leader weak. Orgrim Doomhammer was the one to take advantage of this, sick of the direction his people had been taken. Luring Blackhand into a trap, Doomhammer the Backstabber killed the bloodthirsty tyrant and ushered in a new age for orcs across Azeroth.

Jeff’s Choices


Warrior (Bruiser)

Trait- “Molten Slag”

Blackhand will need to get up close and personal to deal damage to the enemy with his fiery slag hammer. This trait Molten Slag is activatable and when activated the ground around Blackhand begins to form a pool will of molten lava will start to grow in a circle around his feet. Each second that this ability is active the pool will get bigger and enemies that are standing on this will take AoE damage from Blackhand. The thought here is like an activatable burning rage but is dodgeable by the enemy if they are fast/smart enough to get out of the way before the pool gets too big. After the pool reaches the maximum size it disappears and this will need to be activated again after the cooldown is completed.

Mount- Siege Maker (Large tank with battering rams at the front)

Q- “Shattering Smash”

This is Blackhands Major damage dealing ability. He swings back and brings his hammer head forward in a straight line. (as if he was using the spikes on the top of the hammer to impale the target) If this connects it will deal damage to the enemy and stun them in place.

W- “Slag Bombs”

Blackhand places a Slag bomb on the ground and if an enemy hero comes in contact with the bomb it will explode and deal damage in a small circle. This also will push all heroes away from the bomb (similar to an ETC powerslide. The cool thing about these bombs is that if Blackhands Trait lava circle hits the bombs they will detonate without being activated by an enemy.

E- “Bombs Away”

Blackhand takes on of his Slag Bombs and detonated it ad he is holding it dealing damage to himself but pushing him in a desired direction. This ability also deals damage to enemies in the area.

Heroic 1- “Iron Star”

Blackhand calls a massive meteor like weapon will fall from the sky dealing damage to all enemies hit by this ability. This Iron Star is falling with so much force that it bursts through the ground of the battlefield and leave a craitor in the ground that is not passable by units This will crator will stay on the battlefield for a short amount of time and can be used by the Blackhand player to help with team positioning and possibly catch an enemy hero unaware. If a player is hit with one of the Slag bombs and pushed back into the crater they will go on a reduced death timer (maybe about 10 seconds) and need to travel back from the Hall of Storms to battle again. Heroes killed in the manner counts as ½ of a death to the friendly team.

Heroic 2- “Siege Maker” 

Blackhand can call upon his allies to bring forth a giant siege maker (a tank like warmachine with 2 battering rams at the front) these Siege Magers have lots of health but don't deal much damage. Once spawned this Siege Maker will follow a targeted player on the battlefield until it's destroyed. The thought here is that the Siege Maker can be used to soak damage and even body black in a team fight forcing the enemy team to reposition. If the Siege Maker takes damage from one of Blackhands Mines it will light on fire and go into overdrive- moving faster and dealing more damage.

Specialty Skin: Ronan the Accuser (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Dance: “Dance off” Blackhand points a finger forward and begins a dance off. He will then start moving his hips in a circle and show us his dance moves.

Kristen’s Choices




        Warrior / Bruiser


        Brutal Tyrant

When Blackhand hits a target, they are marked with rage. This symbol means they will take more damage from Blackhand’s allies. However, should an ally not attack a marked target, their damage will be decreased by as much as it would have been increased.


        War Wolf

                Covered in armor and war paint, this is the Orc’s version of a noble steed.



Sweeping wide and true, Blackhand inflicts massive damage to all those enemies in the arc of the swing of his weapon.



Blackhand screams out in fury, empowering all those in his area to deal more damage.



Charging forward, Blackhand seeks out a single target to stun and deal damage to. Each enemy Hero hit along the way of this charge reduces the cooldown of Cleave.


Blood of Mannoroth

Following a deep swig of the vile green liquid, Blackhand enrages, emitting green light and energy from his body. In this state, he is a berserker, dealing obscene amounts of damage while continually regenerating health as life is siphoned passively from those around him (including his allies).


        Death Mark

Globally, all enemy Heroes are now marked and take increased damage from all friendly Heroes and units for the duration of the ability.


        Football Blackhand

Everything is a standard football uniform except for the shoulders - those are huge.


        Butterfly Dance

Blackhand would throw his weapon on the ground and wobble his knees from side to side while rocking his arms with them.