The Audeasy

First, read this.  Synopsis:  The planar driver is a ( little like a) hybrid-ES-Dynamic baby.  By belaying the membrane in the space where there the bar magnet’s forces are canceled out (isomagnetic) and running a trace of wire or copper sheet on the driver itself, we can run a current through the membrane and jiggle it similar to a running current through a dynamic driver.   That’s great because the amps get wildly simpler, compared to electrostatics.  We can probably use any powerful OTL or mid-tier SS amp (DIY or not) to juice this membrane.  Yay!

Food for thought in images:  these are Audeze’s ideas on planar mechanics.  It turns out “fazor” is just a bunch of rounded triangles.  This may indeed be a valuable asset to DIYers, because our magnets will undoubtedly be bulkier than the ones sourced for mass production by Hifiman and Audeze.  

Following are drawings of mine, highlighting rough ideas for 3d printing/milling chassis for planars featuring readily available bar magnets.  Meet AudEasy v1, v2, and v3 respectively.

“AudEasy” BOM


Total cost so far: $105.55

*Wire, amp, terminals and sketchup skills to achieve the headband of your choosing and driver wire I/O. for 3d printing

*.stl files available through sketchup model: Remember to clean up and verify fit just in case: