Watabou’s Duelyst Disenchant Guide

Epics and Legendaries

Last Updated: 11/7/2016

Patch: 1.75

Note: I do not play tournaments, this guide is primarily for new players focusing on laddering from the Bronze to Diamond divisions.

Guide Layout taken from F8’s guide. Thanks to the him, Discord chat, Pixizz, and others for their input as well!

Grading Scale:

META: These cards are “in the meta”, meaning that they see play in almost any deck regardless of General. The meta fluctuates and I will update the guide accordingly. You’ll more than likely want to craft these.

PLAYABLE: Cards that can definitely be played but aren’t the cards you’ll be writing home about. You may or may not want to craft them.

ARCH: Cards that will see play in a certain archetype or two but not played overall. Can be disenchanted if you don’t see yourself playing that archetype ever. Faction specific cards will more than likely only be played with 1 general.

TECH: I used this term loosely to mean one of two things: it’s either a card you can have as a 1-of in your deck or it’s a counter to other cards/Generals that you might not need all the time. I might craft for some of these if a certain General gets really popular.

DISENCHANT (DE): These cards have such a low usage you’re better off dusting them. I would never craft for these.

Latest Update: It’s been fun everyone, I hope this guide was helpful

New Player FAQ (Bronze-Silver Division)

Q: This is a nice guide and all but what should I do first?

A: Let’s make a list.

Q: I can’t decide what faction to play, what are they like?

A: I don’t like to really pigeon hole deck types so let’s list the keywords they’re know for in general (see Glossary of Common Terms below if needed).

Q: What are some easy ways to get gold?

A: Let’s make another list for all the ways to get gold.

Q: How should I get cards? Should I open packs or play Gauntlet?

A: It depends not only on your gauntlet skill but how much time you have to play Duelyst. From the gold perspective Gauntlet gives a value pack if you can get 3 wins or more. But let’s say you get 4 wins and you essentially paid 80 gold for that pack you earned instead of buying it. You just played 7 games total. From a time perspective, was that worth it? If it was, then Gauntlet is better. If it wasn’t, then opening packs for 100 gold is better. Of course if you win 7 times you essentially get the pack for free but if you don’t have a lot of time to play then I’d still probably go with the 100 gold purchase.

Q: How do quests work?

A: You will get 2 quests per day that reset every 24 hours. You can replace a quest you don’t want once during that time before it refreshes. If you have quests that are uncompleted and the quests reset you will keep the ones you have as well as receive the Welcome Back quest which gives you gold just for playing (up to 50 gold).

Q: What are the end of month rewards for ranked ladder play?

A: They are as follows:

Q: I see you got the epics and legendaries listed, but what about common and rares?

A: In general I would not craft common cards unless you’ve opened multiple packs and are still lacking the staples (Primus Fist, Dancing Blades, etc). If you’ve picked out a class you’d like to try here’s a quick rundown of the rares I’d craft first for each class.

Lyonar: Ironcliff Guardian. It’s a win-condition with Divine Bond and all around great.

Songhai: Mist Dragon Seal is good to have. Four Winds Magi is good for building up to a Spellhai deck. Mirror Meld lets you combo a lot.

Vetruvian: Pax, Starfire Scarab, and Dunecaster. Pax gives a ton of value for 2 mana, Starfire is a great Blast minion, Dunecaster helps Zirax’s BBS as well as the Obelysk archetype.

Abyssian: Abyssian is all archetype at the moment so I’d say Grasp of Agony and Abyssal Juggernaut are probably best for commons. Void Steal feels good for swarm decks.

Magmar:  Egg Morph, Thumping Wave, and Mandrake are probably the best. Egg Morph is the hard removal, Wave is the removal/burst, and Mandrake is a 6/6 you’ll probably play for cheap/free.

Vanar: Honestly there’s a lot and it really depends on the General or archetype you choose.

Neutral: All common and rare mech cards (only if you want to make a mech deck), Primus Fist, Shiro Puppydragon, Dancing Blades.

Note, having 3 of each core faction rare unlocks 3 copies of that faction’s Sister card. You need 3 copies of 6 core neutral rares to get 3 copies of the Neutral Sister card.

Q: What’s a good starting deck for new players?

A: I would ask on the Discord #deckbuidling section, lots of people there to help you figure out budget decks or things to make your deck better.

Q: What happens when you run out of cards to draw?

A: You’ll take 2 damage per card draw, this damage does not stack.


Q: What are prismatic cards?

A: Prismatic cards are “foil” versions of previously existing cards. They are purely a cosmetic change and will not impact gameplay at all. They can be disenchanted for a higher level of spirit than normal cards. The amounts are as follows (Craft Cost/Disenchant Value):

As you can see, the disenchant value of these cards lets you craft any normal card of the same rarity.

Q: What are Battle Pets?

A: Battle Pets are a new type of minion that will attack the closest enemy within range on the start of your turn. This is done automatically. If there are multiple enemies within range of it, it will choose which one to attack at random.

Glossary of Common Terms

I could make a big list of common terms, but why do that when Zyx already put together a comprehensive list. If you’re new to card games you should definitely read these before continuing. Check them out here:

Bloodborn Spells

Bloodborn Spells are spells that are unique to every general. They cost 1 mana and refresh on turns 3, 5, 7, and 9. Here’s my quick overview on them.

Roar: Give +2 attack to a minion near your general. Meant for a more offensive style of Lyonar where you want more value from higher attack. Adding 2 attack gives a lot: extra reach for ending games, better minion trading, you name it.

Afterglow: Heal a minion for 3 health. Meant for a more defensive style of Lyonar where you want more value from attacking with minions and then healing them. Lyonar has some key cards that synergize with heals and this BBS will always allow those to proc.

Blink: Move a friendly minion up to 2 spaces. On the surface this seems geared towards Backstab decks. But really it’s as a great positioning tool for getting minions in place for good trades, getting around provoke, or setting up lethal.

Arcane Heart: Summon a Heartseeker near your general. Not as great as it sounds. It’s cool to produce a minion where you want it but Cassy is a popular general and you’ll rarely cast this against her.

Iron Shroud: Summon a 2/2 Iron Dervish randomly near your General. It’s hard to tell which general is better now after the nerf, they feel a lot more even. Has Dervish synergy but not the unrelenting aggro that Vetruvian once had.

Psionic Strike: Your general deals double damage to minions this turn. With artifacts you can essentially clear any minion on the field. Without artifacts you’re still clearing a 4 health minion.

Shadow Spawn: Summon 2 Wraithlings randomly by your general. Good for swarm decks. Gives low health minions for a Grimwar or Deathfire finish.

Abyssal Scar: Deal 1 damage to a minion. If it dies that turn, summon a Shadow Creep there. This is my prefered BBS between the two. Obliterate is a great way to finish the game and you give yourself a way to ping enemies to death. Very handy.

Overload: Your general gains +1 attack. I like this BBS a lot better. It lets you contest a almost any 2 mana minion and makes your opponent not want to trade General hits with you. This power makes Iridian Scale viable.

Seeking Eye: You and your opponent draw a card. This power is a gift and a curse. It eliminates the need for card draw but giving your opponent a free card can be so game losing. You’re not going to see a lot of this General.

Warbird: Deal 2 damage to all enemies in the enemy general’s column. Pretty good, it forces the opponent to position awkwardly if they want to play around it. The obvious choice for playing aggro Vanar.

Kinetic Surge: Give any minion you summon this turn +1/+1. A welcome change to be sure from the previous card text. Makes Kara an ideal choice for midrange Vanar if you focus on bigger minions.


Legendary Cards


Aegis Barrier


Seen mainly in the Owlpunch version of Lyonar since you need that minion to stick.


Arclyte Regalia


Really good, lets you trade with 2 attack minions for free. Sick synergy with Dawn’s Eye.

Dawn’s Eye


It’s really slow. The usability of this card really depends on board state. Even with it’s great card text you could still lose it in a turn but at least you helped clear the board. Might not be useful.




Decimate is always a surprise card. I think with the rise of Nimbus in Vet it might not be the worst 1-of to include in your deck.


Elyx Stormblade


Provoke is what makes Lyonar annoying to deal with. Really good stats and lets your minions get back in position if they been pushed away.


Grandmaster Z’ir


This card sees play when you’re trying to grind out your opponents as it gives you a solid card body as well as the ability to use your General liberally. Not seen in more aggressive lists but Control Lyonar needs this. Dawn’s Eye and Z’ir hits for 9 just saying.

Sky Phalanx


Sky Phalanx feels like a stalling card to make you lose slower if you’re behind. It feels like a way to dominate the board if you’re ahead. Haven’t seen it in action yet myself but you don’t need it in your deck.



Seen in tempo Lyonar lists since they’re going to empty their hand a lot. Classic Divine Bond Lyonar doesn’t need it though.

Epic Cards


Aerial Rift


It’s bad. Cycles with card draw but useless effect. Lyonar is big on Zeal so you don’t really need airdrop.


Circle of Life


Circle of Life is really good sustain and basically gets rid of a minion for free. I don’t personally run it a lot but it’s fairly common.

Fighting Spirit


There’s no real downside to playing this card but I’m still listing it as a DISENCHANT because I don’t think Lyonar needs this to be successful.


Holy Immolation


If you’re losing to Lyonar a lot it might be because you’re not playing around this card. A huge AOE damage spell combined with a minion heal deserves a spot in most, if not all decks. Should be the first Lyonar card you craft.

Ironcliffe Heart


This card is hilarious to me since Ironcliffe is the bane of people’s existence. Divine Bond is still the win-con and now it can be a surprise 13 damage for 7 mana.


Skywind Glaives


Still have yet to see this card. Aggro Lyonar decks don’t need it.

Sunforge Lancer

META (Zir’an)

Could be a game changer for Healnar decks. A general that can solo most midrange minions sounds like a force to be reckoned with.


Sunstone Templar


Lyonar has Sun Bloom which I’d argue is way better than this. Playing around Sunstone Templar is easy enough for it to never get value.




Seen in a lot of healing Lyonar list. Afterglow can trigger the AOE damage whenever it’s up since you’ll almost always have a target.


Legendary Cards


Aymara Healer


Sees play in almost any Vetruvian deck. Your opponent is going to be required to burn their hard removal/dispel or they’re going to be in a tough spot.

Circle of Dessication


I think this card is gonna be a 1-of in every Vetruvian deck. This card HAS to be played around now and if you overload the board you might lose for doing just that.




Hexblade has fallen out of favor and Spinecleaver has taken it’s place. It’s not necessarily bad but not really played.



Artifact Vet isn’t in for the long haul and Oserix is. The two don’t really mix. Sub it in if you wanna play Artifact Vet and don’t have all the cards but that’s about all I can say.


Scion’s Third Wish


This card sounds good but I think it’s bad. It’s not often enough that you’ll have a dervish on the field for this card to warrant a spot.



Sees a lot of play in Control Sajj lists since she gets an added boost from her BBS and is a good artifact overall.


Time Maelstrom


Another card seen in Artifact Vet but isn’t really needed. Can give some large burst damage when combined with artifacts or Auroras Tears.



Really annoying to deal with and summons multiple hard to remove totems. You can force Battle Pets to hit this and get value too This is an auto-include.

Epic Cards



I really like the sounds of this. The worst result is getting the basic Obelysk and that’s not even that bad.


Auroras Tears


Straight up, keep if you’re gonna use artifacts, disenchant if you’re not.

Corpse Combustion


You’re gonna need a ton of Dying Wish minions for this card to be good. And then you’re gonna need your opponent to kill them all in the same turn. Not consistent.


Mirage Master


This card gets value whenever it copies a minion larger than itself (which should be the goal 90% of the time). I like it a lot.



You’re not going to play Third Wish and therefore this card is straight garbage can material.


Portal Guardian


Too many other good cards to play in Vetruvian to warrant playing this card. Dispel makes this card useless. You need to throw minions on the board for this to be good and that’s not what Vetruvian does at the moment.


Rasha’s Curse


An artifact killer and damage dealer all rolled into one.


Stars’ Fury


It’s hard to play around blast and star’s fury so this is still a keep for it’s high value damage.


Wildfire Ankh


Sees play with Sajj mainly since you can normally take down 2 minions (or more!) in one fell swoop with this plus your BBS.


Legendary Cards

20133_idle.pngDeathfire Crescendo


ARCH (Swarm)

The amount of minions that Abyssian puts out means that this card can give you a surprise lethal more often than you think. This is the win-con for swarm decks.

Ghost Azalea

ARCH (Creep)

There’s going to be Shadow Creep everywhere and this card is going to make you hit like a truck. You only need this if you’re playing Shadow Creep.


ARCH (Creep)

Not needed to generate Shadow Creep but it can still be good. Makes Obliterate hit even harder.


ARCH (Creep)

This card is Shadow Creep’s win-con. It’s gonna hit for a ton and clear their board. Obliterate is a card you absolutely need to have in a Shadow Creep deck.


Nether Summoning


The effect is decent and can be used in Big Abyssian to resummon your minions that you lost the previous turn. Not needed but can be cool.


Soul Grimwar

ARCH (Swarm)

Just like Deathfire Crescendo, this card can give you a surprise lethal as long as your General is in range.

320_idle.pngSpectral Revenant


It’s either 6 damage straight to their General or a probable minion kill and 4 damage to their General. Either way this card is top tier and is a great addition to most Abyssian decks.


Vorpal Reaver


This card is 12 damage sitting on board plus a 6 wraithling spawn when it dies. It’s a bit slow but can hold a spot in most Abyssian decks.

Epic Cards

Arcane Devourer


This card sounds great in decks that want to go late with big minions. However, I don’t expect Big Abyssian decks to go without Shadow Creep so I don’t know if Arcane Devourer will see play.

321_idle.pngBlack Souls

PLAYABLE (Lilithe)

I’m shocked I haven’t seen this card in a while. I suspect that Deathfire and Grimwar have something to do with it. Either way Black Souls is still a win-con if your game is going a bit later.


Consuming Rebirth


The anti-dispel card. I don’t personally like it but it might be worth a tech slot.

Echoing Shriek


I didn’t even realize I was missing this card in the list, that’s how playable it is. Way too situational to be any good.

Lurking Fear


This card’s use really depends on if Big Abyssian is going to be run separate from Shadow Creep. I don’t think they will but we’ll see.


Reaper of the Nine Moons

ARCH (Big)

Abyssian has changed a lot since the expansion and that’s pushed Reaper into the archetype slot for Big Abyssian / Control Cassy decks since it still has a lot of staying power and can potentially steal a good minion from your opponent.


Rite of the Undervault


Instant card draw is in right now and Rite is the best draw in the game. A hand refill lets you empty your hand without the fear of losing tempo later on in the game. Should be the first epic you craft for.


Spectral Blade


Kills a lot of low cost minions for free. Great at all points in the game.


Wraithling Fury


You’re probably playing this for the burst damage potential in which case Shadow Reflection is better. Auto-Disenchant.


Legendary Cards


Ancient Grove


Haven’t seen this card in a while. It requires multiple minions on board to gain anything useful.


Aspect of the Mountains


Nice aoe clear and gives a solid minion. Definitely worth a slot or 2.




Once it’s out it’s easily played around and the value you get isn’t worth it.



Hmmm, so actually clearing this minion gives you 2 3/3s. That’s a lot of bang for your buck. Feels like a good addition to midrange Vanar.


Gravity Well


Straight up craft if you’re playing Wall Vanar, disenchant if you aren’t.

White Asp


Another tool that might make Wall Vanar more popular. Assuming it doesn’t get pinged off you’re getting a lot of units for free. Goes hand in hand with Winter’s Wake.


Voice of the Wind


Voice of the Wind is a Vespyr generator for that archetype of deck. Can be a disenchant you don’t feel bad about because I haven’t seen this in months.

Winter’s Wake


It’s really expensive but the threat of this card is real. I’d probably run it as a 1-of in Wall Vanar.

Epic Cards


Aspect of the Drake


Vanar doesn’t really need flying, you normally want to be on their side of the board anyways if you’re infiltrating. Can be a surprise closer.


Boundless Courage


Haven’t seen this card in a long time. I think it fits aggro Faie pretty well but I haven’t seen a list that runs it.


Draugar Lord


I think Draugar Lord is one of the hardest minions to deal with but the issue is that it’s too slow for Faie and Kara doesn’t need a minion like this.


Frosthorn Rhyno


I don’t think this card is going to see play with the nerf to Spirit of the Wind. Could be a surprise for your opponent if you casually drop it on their side of the field.

Iceblade Dryad


I wouldn’t expect to see this outside of a Vespyr deck and maaaybe the Wall deck. I’ve seen this card used with Draugar Lord but it doesn’t feel great.

Lightning Blitz


Extremely situational and I don’t like that it’s a random space on their side. Being teleported to the back wall where no one is sounds game losing.

20163_idle.pngSpirit of the Wild


Amazing what 1 mana change does. You can no longer drop this on 9 mana for an instant 10+ damage. Still a win-con for Vanar though even at 5 mana.

Vespyric Call


I’m normally leary of cards that solely put other cards in your hand but this sounds great for Kara and Vespyr in general.




Never ever seen this card played. Auto disenchant.


Legendary Cards

Crescent Spear


I dare say that this card makes Cyclone Mask viable again as well as making Eight Gates useless. Very good card for all Songhai variants.


Eight Gates


Spellhai doesn’t need this to be successful.

Grandmaster Zendo


I’m starting to see it on some control lists but I’m not sure how good it is yet.

20155_idle.pngHeaven’s Eclipse


Spellhai is the most common Songhai variant at the moment and Heaven’s Eclipse is front and center as a hand refill to hopefully bring about the end of the game.

Koan of Horns


There’s no other word to describe this card other than hilarious. I wouldn’t craft for it but it sounds like a funny way to end a game.


Mask of Shadows


No longer the powerhouse it once was. Requires a lot of setup and can then be played around.


Storm Kage


People really, really want to make Storm Kage good. I’ll update this grade when someone makes a viable deck that uses it.


Tusk Boar


Tusk Boar has come back into popularity and with good reason. It’s instant damage and the opponent has to deal with it right there. Has synergy with Mirror Meld.

Epic Cards

Battle Panddo


If this doesn’t proc twice it’s a weaker body Skorn. Also the popularity of Nimbus makes this card a dangerous pick.


Cyclone Mask


I see this combined with Crescent Spear as a blast from the past. I smell a comeback.

119_idle.pngHamon Bladeseeker


8/8 for 5 mana is insane. Puts intense pressure on your opponent and demands a quick response. Can contest against other high level minions late game.




The swap ability is an inherently strong thing in a board game. Some nice combos but isn’t a necessity.


Lantern Fox


Songhai’s best card. Produces 1-2 Phoenix Fires for you, has great board presence, and can bait out dispels. Be cautious of people stealing it with Zen’Rui.


Onyx Bear Seal


Big tempo swing when used on a high mana drop. Ez pz.

Onyx Jaguar


Great card text but dies easily unless you move it on the same turn. I wouldn’t say it’s needed but you can add it for some variety.



This sounds like a total minion buff removal tool. Don’t know why you’d play this over a dispel or Onyx Bear Seal.

20084_idle.pngSpiral Technique


Completely viable as a finisher for Songhai but not every deck runs it. I like it because if you’re at the end of the game and your opponent doesn’t have a lot of health left you can topdeck this for a win.




Chrysalis Burst


This card is super good if you can get 2 eggs to survive, the downside is that it’s not your choice where they end up.



Makes your eggs 2/2. Not a big deal since almost any minion can still kill them. For 6 mana I’m really not impressed.

Flaming Stampede


They’re really trying to make Egg Magmar a thing and I think this card is way too costly in mana and effect for it to be viable.




Absolutely wrecks any board your opponent had. Just keep track of which minion was which ;)



Sounds really situational. Feels like a card that’s going to sit in your hand and be useful on occasion but not often enough to run.


Silithar Elder


Being at 6/6 hurts a bit because if you can’t get that egg to stick then it’s not really that great.

30017_idle.png    Twin Fang


Twin Fang sees play in aggro decks because you’ll be able to punch them for huge amounts really early in the game.




The expansion has brought us the Growth archetype as a possibility. If it sticks you can expect Vindicator to be there.

Epic Cards

20118_idle.pngBounded Lifeforce


One of the win-cons for Aggro Magmar. Not needed but common enough that you should play around it.


Fractal Replication


I don’t think anyone runs Magmar OTK since the game’s full release. Not sure this card serves a purpose other than surprise factor.


Iridium Scale


Works well with the Overload BBS. Still feels like a gimmick though. Play it is you need to fill out your deck.




This card has a lot of synergy with the new Magmar Sister and Amplification. Great when in your opening hand, pretty bad when it’s not.


Makantor Warbeast


You’d be surprised the number of times people don’t play around this. Mainly because it’s so hard to, belongs in all Magmar decks. Should be the first Magmar card you craft.

20156_idle.pngMind Steal


Interesting but is a huge gamble. Not worth to me since I’m not playing RNGstone.

Moloki Huntress


I haven’t come across a good Grow list yet but if someone wanted to try it I think this card is front and center.

Nature’s Confluence


If you’re playing Battle Pets with Magmar you pretty much have to include this.


PLAYABLE (Starhorn)

Never going to be seen with Vaath but I’d run this for sure with Starhorn. Starhorn is extremely under utilized at this point in time so this feels like a disenchant you wouldn’t feel bad about.

Neutral Cards

Legendary Cards

Alter Rexx


You’d need to run 2 or 3 for it to be viable but that sounds like a lot of deck space eaten up for a card you need at a certain time. If this card is in your hand when you summon Mechaz0r, great! If not then it’s useless.

19043_idle.pngArchon Spellbinder


Adding 1 to opponent’s high cost spells means that they might only be able to play that spell on their turn. This was better when Spirit of the Wind was 4 mana but it’s still playable and annoying.


Astral Crusader


This card is up there with Hank for how bad it is. Most games end roughly before 12 turns. That means that when you replace this card, you’re probably not gonna get it back more than once if ever. Worthless at the moment.


Black Locust


Discord told me to make this a Tech but I can’t do it in good conscious. This is one of the easiest 350 spirits you’ll find in the game. It costs too much for what it does.


Dark Nemesis


Dark Nemesis is starting to see more play again. It’s a solid late game drop that can quickly grow out of control. Great Divine Bond target as well.



Feels like a good tech against aggro decks and might be a good tool for Starhorn. Has the issue of White Widow where you probably only get 1 proc per turn which is a little underwhelming. We’ll see!



The issue with E’xun is that it’s main use is card draw and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it to proc. If you need card draw there are a ton of cheaper alternatives and you can save the 7 spot for a better minion.




For that much mana you’ll want to run almost anything else. To get the card effect you have to essentially get this minion killed and it doesn’t contest much. Much, much better legendaries out there for the mana cost.



I want to like this card because of how it deals with provoke minions but it’s so expensive for its use. If you could choose the corner I’d like it a lot more.

19039_idle.pngGolem Vanquisher


Even with all of the golems available this card is not worth. I don’t expect to change this until we get a golem with a positive card power.

Hollow Grovekeeper


This card is seeing more and more play recently. It insta-kills Primus Shieldmaster, Mechaz0r, Ironcliffe Guardian, Inquisitor Kron, etc. The more provoke units that come out the better this card gets. If you play tournaments you can 100% expect this card to be played.



Right now the Battle Pet decks don’t need this card as they have other ways to refill their hand.

Inquisitor Kron


We all knew the Kron nerf was coming but going to 4 health isn’t enough to make it bad. Getting a free minion (especially the forcefield one) is still really good but because Kron dies so easily now you might want to play something else.

10963_idle.pngJax Truesight


Sees play in Wall Vanar and that’s about it. The Jax and Razorback combo is still a thing but isn’t the win-con it used to be.

11018_idle.pngKeeper of the Vale


Can bring back high cost minions for free. Good value if it grabs a low cost, incredible value if it snags a high cost. Has a place in midrange decks but isn’t seen a ton.




Magmar is the only class that can viably run this card. I’m having great fun with 3 of these in my deck right now but at the end of the day other legendaries cost less to summon and are more consistent. Don’t craft this card but play it if you’re new and need large minions.


Lady Locke


Sees play in some Wall Vanar decks but isn’t a necessity. Feels better now that Kara’s BBS can give a boost too. This might get an upgraded label soon.

19047_idle.pngMirkblood Devourer


So Kibler’s puppy dragon now does the important part of this card (the damage) and is a common. AND it does it every turn. Why even have this card...



Creates board chaos but ultimately isn’t really worth. Feel free to disenchant when you get better legendaries.




Good stats, good value. Can win the game if not dealt with. Pandora’s issue is that her value isn’t immediate and might not be able to turn the game around for you whereas other 7 drops can.

Quartermaster Gauj


One of the higher risk vs reward cards that Duelyst has to offer. If your opponent doesn’t have an answer for it it’s going to wreck havoc but I’m guessing it’s going to be easy to deal with. Feels like a fun card in a very long and drawn out game but that’s not where Duelyst is at right now.



With how many ways there are to ping your own minions now, as well as Rawr’s high health, I could see Rawr getting enough value to be worth it.

10956_idle.pngRed Synja


Not seen as often as it was post-draw change. Still very playable and a strong minion with high value removal. This card can be run as your big minion in most midrange/control decks.




Not the dumpster fire people make it out to be but there are many, many other cards you could play for that cost.

Ruby Rifter


Pretty much reads at “6/6 and draw a card” when you play it. Not needed but can help fill out some decks at the 6 mana spot.

19045_idle.pngSarlac the Eternal


It’s there to be annoying and that’s about it. It’s not going to win the game for you but your opponent might burn a dispel on it just out of frustration.



Decks that need their hand full need this card. There are cheaper replacements but the plus side to Spelljammer is its immediate effect. 



So riddles are a 2 mana spell that goes in their hand and make it so your opponent can’t replace and must spend 2 mana to get rid of it (by giving it to you). If you didn’t receive a riddle afterwards I’d call this great and fun but the fact that it goes to your hand later is too much of a drawback to run.



This card works out great sometimes but is really underwhelming when it generates nothing. Might see a surprise play with Corpse Combustion. Feel free to disenchant this.

10994_idle.pngZen’Rui, The Blightspawned


Zen’Rui at 6 mana turned this card into a tech only slot. Really don’t like running this now because if there’s not a 2 attack minion on the field it’s dead in your hand. If I ran this in a deck it’d be 1 copy maximum.



Right now the Battle Pet decks don’t need to be controlled like this. Haven’t seen it in any deck.


Zurael, the Lifegiver


Can bring back big minions and win the game. But can be waiting in your hand for a while too. In general there are a lot better cards to play but no one expects Zurael.

Epic Cards



Very interesting power but isn’t a staple. Classic tech card. Kron gets to proc twice but that alone isn’t enough to make this a staple.

10304_idle.pngAlcuin Loremaster


Did your opponent just play Holy Immolation? They’ll never expect it right back at them if you aren’t Lyonar. I’m always surprised that this card isn’t played a ton. Maybe it’ll make a comeback.


Araki Headhunter


Mainly sees play in Mech decks. If your opponent does not dispel this card it can snowball heavily. I don’t personally run it in my Mech deck but others have sung its praises.


Artifact Hunter


Sounds like a card that fits right in to Artifact Vetruvian but it doesn’t need it and there are too many other good cards to play.



I’m really underwhelmed by this card. I don’t see adding more health to a minion every turn winning you a game you wouldn’t have won otherwise.

Blood Taura


This card is a DE because there are plenty of games where it’s literally unplayable.



I like this card because it deals AOE damage without hurting your minions and has a big body for your opponent to work through. It’s like a Tombstone but better.



The mathematician in me is sad that this card is so bad. It has gimmick written all over it and I don’t see it being played in a serious deck.

10989_idle.pngCaptain Hank Heart


Sworn Avenger is better in nearly every way. This is an easy disenchant.


Chassis of Mechaz0r


The heavy hitter when it comes to mech pieces. Being immune to spells is a plus and now you’ll have something good to drop on 4 mana.


Chaos Elemental


The raw stats that this card gives doesn’t offset that being put on a random tile is too unpredictable for planning future turns. There are many other 3-drops that are better than this.




Sees play mainly in Lyonar decks thanks to the Roar BBS but can be a good 4-drop for most other factions. Tombstone is a huge damage sponge that takes a while to kill.




Nerfing this to a 1/1 has made it useless. Not worth the 2 health cost.

Golden Justicar


Have yet to see this played and I don’t think I will outside of someone trying something wonky. It’s effect just isn’t really that worthwhile.




This card can very quickly become a ranged celerity minion. I like it in Reva or Lilithe decks. It’s fun but I wouldn’t craft for it.

Grove Lion


This looks really good. Vaath and Sajj can exchange with minions for free and artifacts in general get a buff from this card.



Ironclad has an incredibly strong card text but the issue is that it’s a giant tempo loss if it gets dispelled and you might not get to choose when its power activates. Sounds too risky to play and sounds too unreliable as a 1 of.

10973_idle.pngLux Ignis


This card doesn’t know what it wants to do. It wants to be a ranged minion that deals damage but it also wants to be near your minions and in harms way.




Was in Arcanist decks for a hot minute and then disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Isn’t really needed in any decks at the moment, Arcanist decks have other win-cons.




The question you have to ask yourself is this. Do you want to play Sojourner, maybe contest minions and draw card(s) or do you want to play Mogwai away from everything and hope they don’t dispel it? I like Sojourner better.

Night Watcher


Saberspine Tigers are not the threat they once were now that Kara has been changed. There’s no great reason to run Night Watcher now unless you want that ultra surprise tournament tech.



Can heal yourself 3 or run 6 damage into your opponent if it attacks the General. Gets more value if it’s not killed in one attack.



Looks good at a first glance but overall I don’t think it’s going to see much play. Feels too situational as it would sit in your hand a lot or just trade as a general minion.

Sunset Paragon


Can destroy an aoe of your opponent’s minions. Think of it as a more powerful plasma storm that also gives you a 3/2. Just make sure to keep it away from your own minions!

10954_idle.pngSworn Avenger


It’s one of the top tier ranged minion in the game but if you’re really strapped for spirit it’s a safe DE.

10955_idle.pngSworn Defender


There’s a lot of competition in the 5-drop spot. Great to have when you’re filling out your collection but there are better cards that have immediate impact on the board (Dancing Blades).

10974_idle.pngSyvrel the Exile


Kind of defeats the point of being ranged but maybe it’ll see play in a heavy, heavy board control lineup? Not seen currently in any list.

The Scientist


I like the looks of this card. Now Songhai has a minion summon cycle and a spell casting cycle. Not to mention that Lyonar, Songhai, and Abyssian (I guess) can get a free card draw off their BBS.


Twilight Sorcerer


5 mana is a lot to ask for a card that can’t guarantee you what you’ll generate. A lot of better 5 drops can be played in its place. Has a place in a few decks that really want certain spells.

10960_idle.pngVenom Toth


May find a new home as a tech slot for anti-swarm decks but otherwise it’s not worth playing.



I see this card being in every Mech deck. Puts a Mech in your hand which is never a bad thing and can even give you a full Mechaz0r for turn 6.