RSF Anecdotes

Aaron Kitterman about the movie "Driven":

It made perfect sense that in the same race they were driving on a road course in sunny weather and then on an oval in heavy rain.

Zdravko Anticic at the 2011 SCART Speedweeks Kentucky race:

I am NOT lifting!

Ryan DeVoe after the 2011-2012 season was over:

Hey Mike, i caught myself staring at the wall this morning at work. I'm going to my first anonymous raceaholics meeting tonight. There is help for those who seek it.

Michael Murillo at a 2012 Indy 500 practice session:

Send your setups to me, I will rate and rank them for you. Of course this will be based on my vast expertise and driving skills.

Ryan DeVoe about his pit crew at a 2012 Indy 500 practice race:

They are standing there and looking at me... They won't give me fuel... I'm gonna sack them...

Dann while Oli is talking to him about modding:

Hey Oli, why don't you tell someone who cares... - I'm sorry, Oli, these guys [Ori and Zdravko] have ruined me.

Zdravko after losing a Turbo Indy Long Beach race:

If I had won, it would have made my summer - or at least it would have made the first month 20% better...

Dann Murillo after the SCART season 5 Rio race:

So it wasn't the pack racing, we are just idiots.

Michael Murillo after the SCART season 5 Rio race:

If it was a real life race, they would have had to stop the race because the wall in turns 1 and 2 would have been down.

Michael Murillo about working on a manual for emailing:

I have spent about 8 hours adding in photos because my boss did not allow me to make it with crayons.

Justin Petschauer and Joey Shimoskie:

JP: Danica is leaving for NASCAR.

JS: I don't care.

JP: I don't care either.

JS: Then why are you talking about it?

Joseph Mudrak mocking Manuel Derka:

Can we delay the start by 8 hours?

Will Boston about the SCART physics on big ovals:

Well now it's Reynard/Monster/Firestone!

Butch Davis about Riverside:

They figured it would be much better to replace a classic race track with another shopping mall.

Michael Murillo in the Motegi race thread of SCART's 6th season:

Mr. Atana has requested that one of my drivers post a setup here. As President, CEO, COO, CFO and Team Manager I have instructed my drivers not to accommodate this request. Mr. Atana's unsportsmanlike driving during the last race has disgusted me beyond the ability for rational thought. My team will not post anything that will aid Mr. Atana in any way, shape or form.

Zdravko Anticic in a chat with Ori:

Sim racing is my... utopia. I felt terrible for the past 2 days and the whole week. But when i was running Imola, at one point i forgot all about my troubles and negativity. What was left was me, the car and the track. Fully concentrated, not a single thought in my mind. Considering i felt completely empty for the last 2 days, this has been... I don't know what it was... No words to explain it. Jesus, I'm going crazy.

Dann to Tuso after his return (with regard to his performance):

Well Tuso, I gotta say, your comeback to sim racing has been less than exceptional.

Marc Cohn about the loud engine sound:

I told ya we shoulda picked a lawnmower instead.

Michael Murillo about the Ferrari crisis 2014:

I will start a campaign called "Free Flavio" so he can return to F1 and helm Ferrari back to victory lane.

Zdravko's reaction to Aidan joining Crafty Racers:

Welcome to the most underwhelming team ever - except for Andrew's. You definitely made a great pick, the least bad of the worst.

Zdravko's expectations to sim racing:

I won’t be satisfied with human development as a technologically advanced species until we have real feel clutch for racing sims.

Michael Murillo in an admin chat:

TEAM - together everyone achieves more.

Dann Murillo in a chat with Ori:

this is cool: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm Possible"

Ronnie and Andrew arguing about the USCC mod:

Andrew: You have no idea about what a good car and track is.

Ronnie: I’ve forgotten more about racing than you have ever kown.

Visar Gjikolli joins server with AI bots:

Hi guys!

Next day he asks Dragan Djuricic:

Who was that Martin Brundle guy?

Ori on Mike’s birthday:

A very happy birthday to Mikey, Don Michele, Murillinho

I saw him in person

Doves flew whereever he was, flowers grew whereever he went

Nothing nicer to see

and sweeter to hear

than his warming sight

and his unique accent

In the group chat:

Zdravko: Dann whats the average speed limit in the IO of WA

Dann: 65 - mph of course.

Aidan: Oh i thought that you were talking in stones. My bad.

Dann Murillo:

"Hard times will always reveal true friends"

Michael Murillo:

Some people go to nature to experience highest feelings.

Other go to temples to do that.

We are the kind that feels best the races.

Z about their former car:

I used to hug this car when i was a kid

Dann Murillo:

If there is anyone that can ruin your day, it is definitely Z.

Dann Murillo and Dragan Djuricic:

Dann: Who is the best of all F1 drivers?

Dragan: You.

Zdravko Anticic in a chat with Ori:

A real supercar


Triggers alarms

Makes dogs bark

And then backs its show up with raw, goosebumps-inducing power

Zdravko on Disord chat about Aidan’s voice, July 23rd, 2017:

It does sound sensual

We need to get him reading romantic novels

And sell his recordings

This was Mike’s idea

I can substitute him when i have my sick voice on

oh no

I’m getting a little rustled aiden


Axel Scherer zum neuen Jahr (31.12.2017):

Alles beste für die kommenden Herausforderungen... sportlich, wie persönlich! Ich rate zu heftigem Feiern, damit das Jahr standesgemäß begrüßt wird! ⭐🍀🥂🍾🍷

(All the best for the upcoming challenges… the sport as well as the personal!

I recommend fierce celebrating to welcome the new year accordingly ⭐🍀🥂🍾🍷

Ori Atana’s collection of reactions to the F1 halo (11.01.2018)

I'm having a ball reading the reactions to the halo display :D

"What a pathetic idea - why not add some bells and whistles, maybe some Christmas tree lights would also be nice!!!"

"Why not put a Teddy Bear on it? Kids would love F1 more than ever"

"A ticker tape of Liberty's share price perhaps?"

"May I suggest adding parachutes that deploy when the cars cross the finish line? Just try to envision all the commercial space you'd get!"

"Either they are joking or else the teams are even more desperate for cash than they say they are. Maybe they should start racing those big billboard trucks."

"That is sure to make the racing much more exciting!"

"Great! I have another idea: put fringes on the mirrors and a bicycle bell on the steering wheel. Those are commercially exploitable as well I'm sure!"

"Maybe they can get it to display a subliminal message. Something like "This really isn't ugly. It's really cool." and we'll all end up believing it."

"Put a halo on the halo to protect the halo, then a billboard on top to promote the sponsors."

"A scrolling ticker showing F1's share plummet seems appropriate."