2016 DYNT Temperature Scarf CAL/KAL

Over the course of 2016, record the daily temperature ( your choice - high, low, median, average, or set time of day) and crochet (single) or knit 1 (or 2) rows of scarf in color coordinating to the temperature based on your color chart.  

You may work your daily rows as you choose.  Some people work the previous day’s each morning at breakfast; some will work them at night before going to bed; recording each day on a calendar or notebook and then working a number of days at a time is also common.  Any method is acceptable.  The hard part is recording each day’s temp somewhere.  There are websites that track it, should you forget a day or two.

Because the chart goes in increments of 10 degrees or more, you may not need to change your yarn color daily.  How you handle this is up to you.  Weave in the ends at your discretion - as you go, all at once, or weeks at a time.  If you stitch 2 rows per day, your scarf will be noticeably longer, but all your color changes will be on the same edge.  You could start and end the yarn each day and leave a short, but consistent (5” or 6 “), tail when you start and finish.  This will create a “fringe” running the length of you scarf.

If you are of the mindset to work a number of days at a time, there will be  monthly group meeting on the last Friday AND Saturday of each month to give you the opportunity to work on your scarf with others.

Choosing Yarn:

Color Chart:


Below 0 F


0 F to 14 F


15 F to 32 F (Freezing)


33 F to 45 F


46 F to 55 F


56 F to 65 F


66 F to 75 F


76 F to 85 F


86 F to 95 F


Over 95 F


Neutral/ Optional Divider

The Crochet Scarf:

The scarf itself is pretty basic - Single crochet 1 or 2 rows each day, using the color (based on the chart) for that day.  To start your scarf on the first day, chain and SC 1 row in color matching the temperature on the grid.  

.If you are using Color N, use it to chain and SC your first row.  Switch to the color needed for Day 1.  At the end of the first month, SC 1 or 2 rows in N before moving onto the first day of the next month.  Repeat this each month.  At the end of the year, finish with N to match the beginning - SC 2 rows of N.  If desired, SC or Slip around the scarf edges.

The Knit Scarf:

The scarf is pretty basic, according to your desired gauge, CO appropriate number of stitches using the first day’s color and then knit 1 row.  You may want to note the cast on number somewhere, should you have the habit of gaining or losing stitches.  

Each day, knit 1 or 2 rows using the color that matches that day’s temperature.  Remember, single daily row scarves will be shorter in length than double row day scarves; and you won’t necessarily need to change your yarn each day.

Scarves of this type often look best when done in the Garter Stitch, so you will simply knit each day’s row(s).  Feel free to make it in Stockinette, if you prefer.  

If you are using Color N, use N to cast on and knit 1 row.  Then use the daily colors in the following rows.  Between the last day of a month and the first of the next, use N to knit 1 or 2 rows (if using 1 row daily, knit just 1 row of N; if knitting 2 rows daily, knit 2 rows of N).  To bind off, knit 1 row with N and bind off.  If you crochet, you could use N as an edging when scarf is complete.  You could also use N as fringe, if desired.

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