Utah Asian Festival Guidelines


Thank you for your participation In the Utah Asian Festival.  The festival is dedicated to the Asian communities in Utah and is intended to provide a means of expressing, educating, promoting and preserving our unique and valuable customs, traditions, and heritages. In order to ensure that the Festival is a positive and meaningful experience for all involved, many important new rules and guidelines have been added or modified this year to protect the integrity of the Festival. Please read all the guidelines carefully.




1.           Licensing: You must have a business license and sales tax number in order to sell or solicit a sale at the Utah Asian Festival. In addition, all food vendors (food booths) must have a Temporary Event Permit and a Food Handler's Permit. Please have all required licenses and permits available at the Festival for inspection.


2.    Food Booth Applicants: All food booths must have a Temporary Event Permit and a Food Handler's Permit before the day of the event. You must have both permits even if you already have a business license. At least one person with Food Handler's Permit must be inside the Food Booth at all times.  Please have the Temporary Event Permit available and visible inside your food booth during the festival.  The Department of Health will close down any booths that do not have the appropriate permits and/or are not in compliance. Additionally, South Towne Exposition Center does not allow sales of water, soda, or any other items sold at their concession stands. Please make sure you fully understand and observe their policy.  A representative must attend one Asian Festival committee meeting to ensure understanding of policies and to present food menu. Any suspicion that any policies are not observed will result in the unfortunate closing of your booth. Meeting date will be notified.

3.        Operating Hours: All booths must be set up and be ready for inspection and operation by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the event and must not be unattended from the hours of 10:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. Any booths not meeting these requirements will forfeit any/or all Reimbursable Dollars that may have been available.


4.          Fees: All fees associated with the reservation of booths and tables, including any additional tables. Chairs and electrical outlets are not refundable and must be paid at the time you submit your application, unless other arrangements were made prior to the submission of the application. Reimbursable dollars will be refunded only after all requirements and expectations have been met and have received approval by either Utah Asian Festival Chair or Co-Chair.


5.         Fire & Health Safety: All items brought into the South Towne Exposition Center (STEC) must be fireproof or have been treated with fire retardant. All Food Booths must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and hot and cold food thermometers. The local Fire Marshal, Health Department, City Building Inspector, STEC, or their agents will inspect any booths and exhibits. Any items that do not comply with the health and safety standards will be seized and removed immediately.


6. Display: All displays must not extend more than two inches beyond the perimeter of the table. Height restrictions limited to 3 ft. high in center area; the height restriction will be waived only if the vendor purchases premium booth space against a wall. Please adhere to these standards.  Noncompliance may result in booths being moved to larger/different space at an additional cost to the vendor, or removal of vendor from festival without refund.

7. Use of Tables and Chairs: All tables and chairs must remain inside of the booth intended for. Chairs and Tables specifically provided for the use of dining areas, entertainment areas or other booths must not be moved into your booth. You may order additional tables and chairs on the application form or supply your own. Please have your personal tables and chairs clearly labeled to prevent any misunderstanding.

8.  Items sold in booths must be appropriate for a family friendly event.  Additionally, the sale of items which may cause safety concerns, including but not limited to projectile weapons, hazardous chemicals, or pyrotechnic items, are strictly prohibited.  Finally, per South Towne Expo Center regulations, the use of balloons in booths is not allowed. The booth committee reserves the right to have a vendor remove any item they find in noncompliance from the festival grounds.


9.  Each vendor is responsible for their own area.  The Utah Asian Festival will not be held liable for damage, loss, or theft at a booth.

10.  Application acceptance and booth placement is done at the discretion of the Utah Asian Festival booth committee.



 A refundable deposit fee of $25 is included in application.  To qualify for refund, vendors are required to stay until the festival closes and sign off with a committee member when booth is cleaned up.

Commercial Booth (Sizes:  10' X 10’, 20' X 10 or 20' X 20’) Commercial Booths may be used to advertise, promote or sell a product or service provided that a business license and state Tax ID are available. However, sales of food or beverages already sold at concession stands are not permitted in any Exhibit Booth. One table and two chairs will be provided for each 10' X 10' space.

•• To upgrade to a premium location (corner booth or wall booth) add an additional $50 charge.


Cultural Booth Only- (20 X 10’) Each Asian community is allowed one Cultural Booth to represent the culture of their community. The dimension of each Cultural Booth will be 20' X 10'. Three tables and three chairs will be provided. Cultural Booths do not need to be licensed but are not allowed to sell any food, beverages or merchandise. An interactive activity or demonstration that the public can participate, such as games, is required throughout the duration of the festival.


Food & Cultural Booth - (20’ X 10’)

To qualify for a Food Booth, an organization must also operate a Cultural Booth. Each Asian community is allowed one Food Booth to represent their culture and must sell only food and/or beverages which identifies with that culture. A representative from each food booth must attend a mandatory Festival committee meeting to ensure understanding of policies and to present food menu. Utah Asian Festival will provide volunteers with meal certificates, valued at $5, which can be redeemed at any festival food booths.  At festival’s end, food booths will be reimbursed the exact cash equivalent for all submitted certificates.  You may not sell water, soda, or any other items already sold at the concession stands at South Towne Exposition Center [NO EXCEPTIONS - PENALTY STRICTLY ENFORCED].


Each Food Booth will be 20' x 10'. Three tables and three chairs will be provided. Each Food Booth must obtain all necessary licenses and permits, including the Food Handler's Permit and the Health Department Food Booth Permit in order to be granted a Food Booth


To Qualify for Reimbursable Dollars: The Food Booth must be set up and have all menu items available to serve  between 9:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. on the day of the festival.  To receive reimbursable dollars, you must present reimbursable meal tickets to the Utah Asian Festival Booth Chairperson at the close of the festival. A check for the amount you are entitled to will be mailed to you within 30 days of the festival.  Booths with inadequate supply of food cannot qualify for reimbursable dollars.


Non-profit Organization Booth (Require IRS 501 (c)(3) letter)- (10’ X 10’)

Non-profit Organization Booths are available to organizations that operate solely for the benefit of the local community and are not-for-profit. Non-profit Organization Booths are not allowed to sell any food, beverage or merchandise and must not promote or display anything that might appear to be controversial or disruptive.

*Utah Asian Festival Chair and Co-Chair reserves the right to determine what may or may not appear to be controversial or disruptive in nature and may remove anything or anyone from the festival who is not in compliance with guidelines.